Last night Dan and I took Owen to his very first Halloween event! The Southwest Community Center was holding their annual Halloween Mash and we decided to take Owen so he could wear his costume, meet other kids, and just have some quality fun family time together.

There were so many ppl! We didn’t really know what to expect, but were pretty surprised to find the parking lot full, as well as the lot across the street for the neighboring shops.

First things first – Owen’s costume 🙂

He was a monkey! Ever since he was a newborn we have always called him our little monkey boy, so we figured that a monkey would be very fitting as his first Halloween costume!

Inside the gym, they had all sorts of games for the older kids and right in the middle they had a baby center with all sorts of foam blocks and even some pumpkins. Owen wasn’t entirely sure about going off and playing with other kids, but he did play a little and was generally in a good mood all night!



I LOVE this pic below of Owen clinging onto Dan. He got a little scared or overwhelmed at all the commotion and turned to Dan to be held. It was so cute! He didn’t cry or anything, he just got very quiet lol

They had all sorts of games and activities for all of the little ones to enjoy and win some candy.

They even had a costume contest for each age group, and though Owen didn’t win it was still fun to sign him up! (A 2 year old cheerleader won and she was very cute!)

As you can see Dan didn’t dress up, but I did! As a cat lol



Have any of you already gone to any Halloween events for the kiddos? We don’t have anything planned for actual Halloween day, but aside from handing out candy, what is there to do with a baby? Ideas?