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Today is Owen’s first birthday!! It’s so crazy to think that he’s already a year old! We had a busy day and had a joint nautical themed bday party for him and the baby I nanny for who turned one on the 4th! More pics and stuff relating to that later, but I just wanted to wish my baby boy a very happy bday! 😀 I love you Bub!!

Yep, we had the local news announce his bday! We didn’t let him get too messy…maybe later we will 😉

And I have to post a pic of him eating a cupcake lol 🙂

I love these two guys!


Today Owen turns 11 months old! Eek! My lil baby is growing up! 😢 Haha 😉
He’s walking 85% of the time now, can wave, let’s me know when he’s done with food (will mimic “all done” if we sign it), and is slowly learning how to say “night night” and it’s meaning!! He knows his name and comes over when we call him (which is really handy now that he can walk – I don’t hafta pick him up anymore whenever I leave the room, he just walks over)!

There’s a lot to be thankful for these days! 🙂

• Our car got hit while someone was trying to parallel park in front of it – tho this may be a bad thing, the person luckily has insurance and our car’s gonna get fixed. Yeah, it’s inconvenient but at least no one got hurt and the car still runs! Plus it was hit in the same spot where Dan accidentally hit a pole earlier, so it’s really nice that we’re getting it fixed!! Gotta be thankful about that!

• I’m so thankful that Dan was able to watch Owen and put him to bed on New Year’s so I could meet up with a couple friends – Danielle and Amy! We went to the Driftwood Room downtown and had a lot of fun catching up (plus it was nice to have some baby-free time)!

• The family I nanny for have an 11 month old who is 5 days older than Owen, and they have offered to have a joint birthday party for the two at their house!

What things are you thankful for that have occurred within the past week?

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