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Lately it seems like Owen is on turbo speed with his developmental skills! Here are a few things that he has really mastered within the last couple of weeks:

• Sitting up with no wobbling whatsoever. He was able to do that before, but there would always be uncertainty in his eyes. He is sitting up so great now and doesn’t fall, unless he is purposely trying to get a toy or something.

• Sitting from the crawling or laying position. He used to do a halfway sit, where he’d be leaning forward quite a bit, or would need to prop himself up using one of his hands, but how he can get into the sitting position all by himself with ease.
• I’ve mentioned that he can pull himself up, but each day he is only getting better, stronger, and believing in himself that he can pull himself up and get himself down. He will literally pull himself up to standing using anything – the couch, coffee table, his bouncer, chairs, his crib, the bathtub, my legs, anything! Plus he can hold onto things with ONE hand!
• In my last post I mentioned the puffs and broccoli, well his motor skills are getting better too! He can’t pick them up with just two fingers yet, but he is slowly transitioning. Before, he wasn’t able to get hardly any of the puffs into his mouth, but now he’s able to get almost all of them in!
• A few days ago, we decided it would be best to give him “big boy” baths. He’s officially taking baths in the tub, without his baby bathtub! He loves to move all around and play with his toys lol!


Things we are still working on:

• Baby sign language. I’m doing “all done”, “eat”, “diaper” (as in “please change my diaper”), “daddy”, and “mommy”. That seems like a lot, but once he starts to do the smallest gesture in return, then I’ll really focus on one and move onto the others individually. Now he just looks at me with a really confused look, but I’m determined that one of these days he’ll do the signs back!
• Waving hi and bye. I want him to start waving SO bad! Whenever we go out everyone is always saying “Hi! Hi! Hi!” and waving to him, so it would be nice if he could wave instead of me moving his arm up and down :/ haha
• Saying “mama”…or anything! I’d be happy if he just mimicked the syllables back to me, but so far he just babbles in response to me repeating mama over and over again LOL
• Standing. I’m not encouraging it yet. But I can see him get into the position where he’s standing on his feet, but his hands are still on the ground, and he just balances there. Then he’ll start to bounce a little like that, as if he knows that he can stand up by pushing his hands up, but he doesn’t have the strength/coordination yet. I’m just letting him discover this on his own and see what he does.

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