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Somehow I completely forgot to post about Owen’s 8 month handprint tile from Paintpots!

We chose a blueish/purple color to mix things up a bit. 🙂 I think it turned out pretty well!



Ok, I really messed up on Owen’s 7 month handprint tile. First of all, the handprint is not the greatest (Owen was really fussy and I was by myself with him). Second, I accidentally reversed where the writing goes so its going to standout from all of the other tiles. And third, as I was comparing them to the other tiles I realized that the paint for tile #6 looks very similar to the paint for this tile. On top of all of that, we left the tile at Paintpots and thought we lost it lol.

But we still got his handprint for month 7, which is all that matters. 🙂





Dan and I finally picked up Owen’s 6 month handprint tile from Paintpots! His hand is getting so big, there’s hardly room to write on it anymore!




We just picked up Owen’s 5 month handprint tile!

Usually we would go to Paintpots on Hillsdale, but now that we’re living in West Linn it is easier to go to Paint and Fire right up the road from us. I was a bit hesitant to go to P&F just because the tile is $8 there ($5 at Paintpots), plus I have a punchcard thing at Paintpots for a discount on our 10th item. On the flip side, P&F is pretty close to home, they have a bunch of different shades of paint, and they don’t charge extra to help. They offered to do the writing and even do Owen’s handprint at no extra cost! Even though I ended up doing the writing and did Owen’s last handprint, it was really nice to have the extra hands there.

This month, I decided to go with a blue that was speckled with white paint. The tile turned out really good, even though it’s getting tougher to get Owen’s handprint!!



Well, we finally picked up Owen’s tile for month 4 – only 8 more months to go!!

And after:


We got this one on the first try, and sorry that the writing looks bad. Owen was SO fussy so I had to do everything quickly!!

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to do a wall solely dedicated to pictures of our family. Well, here’s my progress thus far.
The canvas wall:

I bought wooden letters at Michaels and spray painted them flat black:

After letting them dry and air out, Dan helped me pick hangers for them:

Then it was time to measure, hang and readjust:


This is what I have so far, but there are a few other pictures to hang and some that need frames still. Stay tuned!

I have a confession to make – I’m turning into one of those moms. You know, the mom that has a million mementos, keepsakes and projects for her baby.
We have the tile handprint mosaic we’re making:

Then there’s the heart-shaped decorative plate we used for all of our handprints:

Then, there’s the photos Dan and I had done when I was pregnant, the memory book (Dan still has his, it’s really cool!!), this blog, and I’m planning on making a photobook/yearbook type of thing that is mainly going to be of him.
You might say I’m going a little overboard, but cut me some slack – he’s my first kid! I’ve never experienced anything like this. He makes me so incredibly happy and I love watching him grow up and learn. Everything’s new for him, and in a way for me too. If I have other kids then I probably won’t have any mementos for them since the wow factor of having a kid (my first kid!) will have worn off LOL 😉
When we came home from the hospital and put his first little outfit (the hospital clothes) away in a drawer, the first thought that popped into my mind was that these clothes would stay boxed up for who knows how long, then one day we’d find them during spring cleaning and donate them to Goodwill.

I did not want that to happen.

This is the very first thing he’s worn – its important! Since I didn’t want it to be stuffed away, forever lost in some box, we came up with the idea of framing it.

The frame was only $12 at Michael’s, but keeping the memory of him in his hospital shirt, socks, cap and bracelet will be priceless.


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