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I wanted to dedicate this post to little Haley and Hazel over at HSquaredblog – happy first birthday sweet girls!!

Emily, you truly have amazed me with how you handle everything with the twins! The girls are so beautiful and you make me jealous that Dan and I didn’t have twins LOL!

Happy birthday!!



Hi everybody! Ok, so WordPress just emailed my stats for 2012, and tho my numbers may seem low, I’m actually pretty surprised that they’re so high! For my first year on this blog!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

My post Blessings (10/31/12) had the highest views (168!). And there are people from 31 countries that read my blog (mainly the US, Canada, and the UK)!
Click here to see the complete report.


Pretty cool!

This year has been a whirlwind – being pregnant, going through labor and delivery, holding my very own baby for the first time, moving, the fire, moving again, moving once more, going thru drivers ed, getting my license, buying a car with Dan, getting my boating license, getting baptized, rehoming my dog Maisy, the world ending, starting new hobbies like sewing, being a SAHM, then getting a job as a nanny, and finally paying off all of my debt! (Yep, I’m going into 2013 debt free baybay! ;D)




20121230-204607.jpgPicking my brother up from the airport – he was in NY during Hurricane Sandy :/

20121230-204704.jpgEnd of the World party for Dan and I 😉


What a year!

My plans for 2013:
• Start school again
• Donate at least 10% of my income
• Get a pass to SWCC and take Owen swimming on a regular basis again!
• Get back into eating healthier and working out regularly again (this is a must)
• Do more stuff with Dan – fishing, crabbing, shooting, movies, dates, kissing, camping, concerts, tubing – anything! Having a baby is such an interesting experience; we are obviously together a lot to take care of Owen, but at the same time we can seem so distant because everything is about raising a baby and it can be easy to forget to nurture our relationship too. So more time with Dan doing the things we want and love to do is goin on the list 🙂

Well that just about wraps up this year! Thank you everyone who reads this! I hope you all had a great 2012 and an even better 2013! 😀

I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday. Christmas is the only holiday where I actually decorate our home and really get into the holiday cheer. 🙂

One of the things I saw on Pinterest was to make an advent calendar of activities to do with your family or loved one. One activity for each day leading up to Christmas, starting with December 1st.

Yes, I made that lol. There are some really fancy ones out there, but since this is our first year doing this I wanted to test it out. If we like it then I’ll spend more time, money and effort in making a nicer looking one. But for now this is what we have!

Here’s what each day looks like:

Sat Dec 1: Deck the halls! (Decorate our house)
Sun 2: Make festive cupcakes
Mon 3: Play a board game
Tue 4: Make hot chocolate
Wed 5: Watch “White Christmas”
Thu 6: Donate toys Owen doesn’t play with
Fri 7: Make Christmas cards
Sat 8: Get pictures taken with Santa
Sun 9: Make Christmas cookies
Mon 10: Tell each other three things you love about them
Tue 11: Play 20 questions
Wed 12: Make New Year’s resolutions
Thu 13: Go get a Christmas treat
Fri 14: Watch “The Polar Express”
Sat 15: Go to Peacock Lane
Sun 16: Make a festive brunch
Mon 17: Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”
Tue 18: Make Owen’s ornament
Wed 19: Have a romantic candlelit dinner (even if it’s just grilled cheese sandwiches lol)
Thu 20: Give each other a back massage with holiday scented lotion
Fri 21: Watch “Love Actually”
Sat 22: Tour the Lights! Drive around the neighborhood and look at everyone’s lights
Sun 23: Go to the Solid Rock Christmas service
Mon 24:
•Go to the Rolling Hills candlelight service
• Open stockings
• Read “The Night Before Christmas” to Owen
Tue 25: Merry Christmas!!

Fellow mommy blogger, Meghan, wrote about what she would do if she won the lottery (which is up to $500 million now). Just for fun I thought I’d do the same! After all, Dan and I did buy a ticket lol 😉

• First things first – Dan and I agreed that we would split our winnings 50/50. We did that when we won $7 at the Portland Meadows, and we plan on doing that if we win anything bigger too. 😉

• Debt – We’d pay off any and all debt attached to our names.

• School – I’d finish up my schooling and start on my career. I was taking the real estate courses before I got pregnant, and only have six left before I can study up and take the state exam. So close to finishing, but financially it seems so far away.

• Home – We’d buy a house. Not a huge mansion or anything extravagant like that, but something bigger than what we have now, with our own yard. Not just a little yard out front, but enough land so we wouldn’t have to worry about neighbors being close. We would ideally like to live sorta out in the middle of nowhere, but still somewhat close in. We’d have a big shed for Dan to do all of his work in (for his boat and car). We’d have a big garden where we’d gather our veggies for dinner. And inside, we’d have a big kitchen with plenty of counter space and cupboards for us to neatly organize everything and for us to be able to cook together and not get frustrated whenever we’d bump into each other lol. We’d have plenty of beds for family to sleep over for the holidays (so they wouldn’t have to drive home late at night).


• We’d have more kids. At least one or two more. Maybe 8 haha 😉

• We’d set up trust funds for Owen, family, and create ones for future kids (and if we don’t have them then we’ll have that money saved up for later!). We’d have Owen’s schooling completely set aside and taken care of.

• I’d buy my mom a house, or something similar (it depends on what she wanted).

• I’d buy my dad a gold Cadillac, because ever since I was really little I remember him saying how he has always wanted one.

• I’d give money to help each of my siblings out. Whether it be school debt or whatever!

• Giving – I’d take a percentage of my share and divvy it up to organizations or people in need. Our church, some theater companies in town, and then I’d make anonymous donations to friends (I stole that idea from Dan!).

• Travel – Dan and I would travel. We’d go all over the world. We always talk about going to different places like France, Germany, Tel Aviv – any place we see in a movie, magazine, or hear about we always talk about what it’d be like to go there together. And when Owen turns 5 or so, we will go to Disneyland lol. It’ll be Owen’s and my first time!

• I’d fix up the Rav4. It’s a great little car but needs some TLC right now :/

• Savings – I’d set up accounts so I couldn’t touch the money until a certain date (just to make sure I didn’t sneak some out earlier).

My dad and I were talking about winning the lottery after we ate thanksgiving dinner. After telling him what I’d do with it, he said that I’d be happy with only winning $1 million. That is very true, but if we end up winning more than that, my hope is that we won’t go crazy and blow it all on us. What’s the fun of only spending it on yourself??

What would you do if you won the lottery? Comment or write your own post!

Trying to entertain Owen with the same toys everyday can get a little boring for him, so I decided to try out an idea I found on Pinterest. I took a water bottle and tried to entertain Owen with putting food coloring in it. Doesn’t sound that interesting, I know lol, but he was actually somewhat entertained!

First I filled the bottle with water and put one drop of blue in it. He liked watching the food coloring make different curves and swirls in the water, but after a few seconds he wasn’t very impressed. So I shook up the bottle and he thought it was interesting that the water turned blue. Then I added one drop of red, let him watch it swirl around, then shook it up to make purple and he looked confused! He was studying the water with a cocked eyebrow.


I did the same thing but with blue and yellow to make green and he was just as impressed!



I was a bit skeptical that he’d find this interesting, but he was actually pretty intrigued by it. It looked like he didn’t understand how the water was able to change colors lol! So simple but pretty entertaining for a baby. 🙂

Last night Dan and I dropped off Owen at my mom’s place and went over to Bridgeport to see the Dark Knight Rises (his first, my second time seeing it). As we were walking to the car, I looked at my phone and saw this text from my sis:

Owens yelling at humphrey and trying to touch him lol



About a week or so ago, we bought Puffs for Owen to mainly play with and develop more of his motor skills. He can pick them up by grabbing them with his entire hand (as opposed to just his index finger and thumb), but he hasn’t been able to deliberately put one in his mouth. They are great for distracting him though! Even though he drops most of them onto the ground, he loves playing with them.

The entire reason why I bring the Puffs up is because I wanted to show you these cute pictures of him with the Puffs stuck to him haha 🙂



Last night during dinner Owen tried a new food – sweet potatoes! He really seemed to like it! I microwaved a chunk of peeled sweet potato then puréed it with a lil water using the Magic Bullet (I love that thing!). This is only the second food he’s had, but in a few days or maybe next week we’ll try carrots and then maybe squash (or vice versa)!



Things that are making us laugh right now:

• Owen keeps blowing raspberries! (With his mouth lol). Admittedly, we’ve been encouraging and teaching him, but he’s getting really, really good at it. And he won’t stop. He gets this look on his face when he blows a really long, loud one like it’s taking all his might and he gets a little red in the face lol! At least people think it’s cute/funny.


• A while back while I was pregnant, I came across this funny post on how not to raise a baby (I think my friend Emily posted it on her FB). The other day I came across it on a completely different website and found it funny that there were a couple of things that we do lol

I totally do this! It can be such a hassle to get the nasal aspirator out so I just pick Owen’s out haha eew tmi sorry 😉



• My little sister made some more memes of Owen a while back 🙂



Remember a while back I wrote this post about funny pics? Well I have more to share!

A while back I pasted pics together of Owen and then something that looked like him in the particular picture. Think of a spin off of Totally Looks Like. Here’s what I came up with (sorry if you’re seeing them for the second time around, Facebook friends!). 😉







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