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Christmas Eve
Dan and I took Owen to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at Rolling Hills.

The Solid Rock service was actually on Sunday at the normal service times and locations. Rolling Hills did not provide childcare during the candlelight services because they wanted the entire family to enjoy them. There were a few times when Dan got up and walked to the back of the church holding Owen so he didn’t interrupt anyone (thanks Dan!!), but overall I think he did ok.


Then when we got home it was just about time to open our stockings, give Owen a bath, read him “The Night Before Christmas”, and put him to bed.


Christmas #2
The day after Christmas, Dan’s kids came over and we celebrated with them! It’s always so fun to see them all, especially since Dan absolutely loves them to pieces and is always so happy when they are around. 🙂 We exchanged gifts, ate pizza, and had a great time! Of course, Hallie and Owen were getting in trouble together hahaha but it’s so hard to get angry at these adorable faces 🙂

Isn’t it so funny that they have the same expression on their face?? And Owen looks like a Hobbit in this pic with his fat foot sticking up LOL!
Owen got more clothes, a pair of new sneakers, and a couple of rubber duckies (which he loves)!

Preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas was at times stressful, but it was so worth it. We all had a great time. We’re so blessed to have those in our lives – my family, Dan’s kids, and of course friends. My favorite part of Christmas used to be opening my presents, but now my favorite part is watching family and friends open my presents to them. 🙂
It’s so weird that the holidays are (just about) over, now we can plan Owen’s first birthday! 😐 How is that sneaking up on us already?!


Merry Christmas everyone!! We just ate, opened all of our presents, and now everyone has gone home. We are now putting Owen down for bed, and to tell you the truth, today was really great. Dan and I were able to go to coffee this morning (even if we had to cut it short cus of Owen’s impatience lol), then we went home and cooked, got ready for family to come over, and we watched some Christmas movies. We all got some really great gifts, at least I know that Owen and I did! But the most important thing is knowing that everyone had a great time! We had a really yummy feast and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version). Owen got a couple of hoodies, some toys, books, movies, a maraca and shaker egg (Santa’s stocking stuffer to Owen), a rocking horse from Grandma, and a gift basket from Santa full of clothes, Disney Sing-a-long tapes, socks, and a toy ring of keys (Owen LOVES to play with our actual keys, so we Santa figured it’d be better for Owen to have his own).

Dan opened up a CD for Owen at his credit union and I made a blanket for him. Owen really really loved his blanket 😀 as soon as he saw it and felt it, he started to lay down and curl up close to it. 🙂 That was the best part of Christmas for me! 🙂 I bought the fabric for the blanket at Jo-Ann Fabric and used my new sewing machine to assemble it. It is SUPER soft and I might put a satin trim around it (I have the binding, but can’t decide if I’d/Owen would like it).

I got Dan a Magic Bullet (for work), a homemade coupon book, a Starbucks giftcard, and some nice soap from Lush. Dan got me giftcards to Forever 21, H&M, lots of kitchen stuff, a Paula Deen calendar and a Paula Deen notepad (I love Paula Deen LOL!!).

We also made our own Christmas cards too! I took an idea I saw on Pinterest and Dan, Owen and I made them! They turned out real good!


We had such a great day and I’m really really pleased with how Owen’s first Christmas turned out! 😀


Thanksgiving was yummy! And fun, but most of all really yummy lol! 😉 We hosted Thanksgiving at our home and everyone pitched in and made a dish. We had my mom, dad, Tony, James, Charlotte, and Jasmine over. My brother Ben is currently in NYC and was able to spend it with friends (he also got to see the Macy’s parade in person!).

Dan and I woke up early to go to coffee and Owen was in a pretty good mood. Sometimes during coffee he’ll be completely fidgety and we have to cut our special coffee time short, but other times he’ll sorta zone out and sleep and Dan and I can sip and chat for longer. Most days, like Thanksgiving, he’s somewhere in the middle.

We then finished last minute shopping and started cookin’ and cleanin’! My family came over around 5pm and we all got to talk about what’s new in our lives while we ate. My sister Charlotte made mashed potatoes and Owen ate a bunch of them! He really liked them lol! He didn’t care so much for the turkey, but that might be due to him shoveling a handful into his mouth and almost choking on it lol… :/

I made pumpkin pie and let Owen eat a few bites (just the pie itself, not the crust). He really liked it! It’s so funny because he seems to like really flavorful foods and even spicy foods. He’s definitely mine and Dan’s kid!

With everyone there and all of the commotion, Owen was naturally a bit shy. But he’s gonna hafta get used to it because my family is pretty big!

20121126-145248.jpgGrandma and Aunt Charlotte

20121126-145513.jpgOwen with Grandma

20121126-151711.jpgWith Grandpa

20121126-145543.jpgWith Aunt Jasmine

Our menu looked like this:
Mashed potatoes
Yams with marshmallows
Stuffing (two different kinds)
Hash brown casserole (Dan’s recipe)
Broccoli salad
Apple sausage pie (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow 🙂
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 🙂
Pumpkin pie

We had a really yummy feast!
Overall Thanksgiving went really well. We didn’t buy Owen a special outfit for his first Thanksgiving, but we did get something special for Christmas. 😀

By the way, Dan surprised me on Wednesday with a dozen roses! How sweet is he?! I used to always slyly suggest that he get me flowers and he never would hahaha except for my birthday. So I gave up and figured it was a losing battle, and after totally forgetting about it he came home and surprised me with roses! I was so surprised and I think I kinda paused when he gave them to me to see if this was for real or not haha!


Liittle Rascals
Last Monday I babysat Hallie so Dan could take his kids to see Skyfall. I was a little nervous since I’ve never taken care of two babies at once, but I figured if Emily could take care of twins and be home with them 24/7 for the first several months of their lives, then I could survive a few hours with two kiddos. 😉

Hallie is a little over a year old and boy is she a smart little cookie! She is so quick to understand things. I showed her how to operate all of Owen’s toys (that are meant for older kids), and she instantly understood how to work them.

The three of us had a lot of fun playing around. Owen and her really got along well and actually shared toys. 🙂

I think he was a bit surprised by her tho, cus she was climbing onto everything! The chair, the rocking chair, the couch, Owen’s toy table, the coffee table, she basically tried to climb onto anything she could.

One thing that really surprised me was how she gave me all of the toys and books. Over and over again. She kept putting them in my lap, so I got her back and gave her all of the toys 😉

And with that I finally got her to laugh!! Talk about a tough critic! Owen is so different cus he will laugh at anything. You just look at him and he laughs. Hallie on the other hand was tough for me to make laugh. She’d smile but I finally got her to laugh when I piled all of the stuffed animals on her! 😀
All in all we had a great few hours, and most importantly I’m so happy that Owen and her were able to spend some quality time together. After all, he is her uncle! 😉



9 Month Checkup
Yesterday morning Owen had his 9 month checkup. We had a questionnaire packet to fill out about how he’s developing socially, verbally, and physically, and he is right on track (if not a lil advanced) for his age!! The doctor was really surprised at how social he was/is and said that most babies get anxious when others hold them at this age, but Owen was totally fine. He gets to interact with other babies and adults at the gym and church, and was introduced into that environment at an early age, so I think that plays a big part in him being so comfortable around others.

The doctor also made a comment about how happy he is. It’s so true, he is a happy little guy! As long as he can roam around, has a clean diaper, a full tummy and isn’t tired, then he has a smile on his face.

We then talked about what he eats, if we brush his teeth yet, and his lingering diaper rash.

Ok, we don’t brush his teeth. I know, I know. He only has two teeth plus 3 tips sprouting out, but I still feel bad that we don’t clean them. She highly recommended that we start brushing twice a day. So after the appointment we went over to Safeway and bought him his very first toothbrush!! It’s blue and has Winnie the Pooh on it. 🙂

As far as the diaper rash…ever since Owen started teething he has had a lingering diaper rash. That thing is so stubborn and will not go away!! 😡 We have tried various creams and ointments, going diaper less, giving him warm baths, just about everything. Some days it’s almost gone and some days it’s pretty bad. Pretty bad = a little bleeding. Luckily he hasn’t gotten blisters or anything like that. But still, I HATE seeing him in pain and seeing him bleed. 😦 So I asked the doctor for advice because I knew something must’ve been wrong. I mean, Owen never had diaper rashes before he started teething. Not one, and now he can’t get rid of one?? Doesn’t that seem odd?? The doctor took one look and said it looked like a fungal infection, a yeast infection. She said they’re common with babies, and proceeded to prescribe a cream that should make it go away in about a week’s time. We’ll try it out and hopefully it’ll finally go away for good!

As far as his measurements:
Weight: 19lbs 10 oz
Height: 27 3/4 inches

My favorite part of the appointment, besides knowing that Owen is a healthy lil bub, was at the very end when the doctor was leaving and I told her that he can high five sometimes. She asked for a high five and he gave her one!!

Owen’s favorite part? The toys in the lobby! 😉



• My brother and some of my friends are on the east coast right now for various reasons and luckily all of them (I think) are doing ok! My brother, Ben, is doing a show in NYC and luckily he still has power and is actually able to walk around outside. He sent me this on Facebook:
“We were stuck inside yesterday so I went through my camera and found that I had these photos.”

I’m so glad that he’s alright!

• I wrote this in an earlier post, but I’m so thankful that Dan took work off early in Thursday because I’m all better now!

• Dan is trying a new thing with Owen every night where he’s trying to teach him how to get off of the couch by himself. Owen has such a fun time even tho he’s not quite grasping the concept lol. His giggles and smiles are so cute and such a great way to end the night. 🙂

• I thought I had lost Owen’s 7 month handprint tile but we accidentally left it at Paintpots lol at least we didn’t lose it!

This past Saturday night, we had a family dinner at Thai Roses and it was a lot of fun to watch Owen interact with my parents. He doesn’t get to see them much (though that should change since we live closer to my mom now, and not all the way in West Linn). The past few times that my dad held Owen, he started crying (Owen, not my dad lol). I think the same thing happened one of the last times my mom held him too.

But not last Saturday night! He did pretty well with the both of them! I didn’t take too many pics, and I didn’t take any of my mom (sorry mom), but here’s one of my dad and Owen.

And here’s one of Owen in his highchair that my mom took. He’s such a big boy!

And here’s another one of Owen and Grandpa that my sis took!


Yesterday, Dan drove Owen and I over to The Dalles to see his son, Matt, race. He runs cross country and it’s really fun to cheer him on, and even more fun to watch Dan get excited about watching him race.

One of the things I love about Dan is how great of a father he is. He really tries to be there for his kids, even if it means leaving work early to drive 1.5 hours outta Portland just to see his son’s cross country race.

But, this post isn’t about how much I love Dan (sorry Dan, love you! ;*). It’s about what we did after Matt’s race – his daughter and her boyfriend, Sarah and Nick, made us all dinner! It was really yummy and not only that but their daughter Hallie got to play with her uncle Owen!

This is the first time that they’ve really played together since Owen has started to crawl. Hallie is about 5 months older than Owen (making her a year old now – HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALLIE AND SARAH! 😉) and she’s already walking running around. I was a little nervous to see how they’d interact because Owen is still pretty small – if he could walk and share toys then I wouldn’t have been as nervous.

But they did really well together! Sure, there was grabbing and pulling, but there was also hugging (Hallie can hug!! She is so adorable!) and sharing (she knows how to share sorta!) and my favorite part was when Sarah said “can you give baby Owen a kiss?” And Hallie leaned in and kissed his little face!

20121005-060607.jpg Isn’t she cute? I always tell Sarah this, but Hallie’s eyes look like a dolls eyes!

Last night was also the first time Sarah fed a baby a bottle (she said Hallie never took to one).

20121005-055637.jpgIsn’t she so beautiful?? Dan always says that he can’t believe he made someone so beautiful 🙂

I can’t believe how old Hallie is now! I remember last Halloween when Sarah, Nick, and a very new Hallie came over to Portland and had dinner with Dan and (a pregnant) me. She was so small and fragile. She started crying near the end of dinner, Owen started kicking inside, and I remember thinking that I was NOT ready for a baby lol! Dan and I couldn’t even calm a crying baby, how were we going to raise one?? As the three of them were leaving that night, we smiled and said our goodbyes, then I think I turned to Dan and panicked. I was nervous to even hold a baby, let alone try to calm a crying one; I was not ready to be a mom.

Flash forward a year (thereabouts) and Hallie is walking! And hugging. And has good manners (she can sign “please” and “thank you”). And she doesn’t cry when she wants something, she either says it or signs it. Pretty cool, huh!

Then there’s Owen – he’s definitely not as bad a baby as I was expecting. He is pretty easy going and often times just goes with the flow.

And now they both are playing with each other! I’m so excited for all of the fun times that I hope they’ll have, but still really nervous for all of the trouble they’ll get into together lol 😉


Last night Dan and I dropped off Owen at my mom’s place and went over to Bridgeport to see the Dark Knight Rises (his first, my second time seeing it). As we were walking to the car, I looked at my phone and saw this text from my sis:

Owens yelling at humphrey and trying to touch him lol



For my sister, not Owen!

A few days ago, Jazz fell/jumped off a skate bowl (she doesn’t skate) and landed straight on her feet, meaning she can’t walk very well now. So we went to the emergency room yesterday and the doctors took X-rays and didn’t find any fractured bones, which is good! They want her to rest and not put much pressure on her feet for the next couple of weeks. So hopefully Jazz will heel up quickly.

Owen, on the other hand, was all smiles. Seriously. I was even making him laugh a lot! Not the usual sounds the staff hears there I’m sure.

20120801-101208.jpgThey’re not doing anything to me today?? Ok! I don’t mind being here!!

We’ve been very fortunate that Owen is so well-behaved in public! Good thing he’s not one of those babies that fusses all the time! I think he’s becoming friendlier to others, especially my family. Before he didn’t really smile much whenever someone other than Dan or I was holding him, and now look at him with Uncle Ben!


In other news, Owen is getting closer and closer to crawling!! Maybe by next week he’ll be full on crawling! Things are getting really fun here!


Yesterday my dad took my little sister, Jasmine, Owen and I to the Washington County Fair over in Hillsboro. Even though our brother Ben wasn’t able to make it, we still had a lot of fun!

We used to go to this fair every year, but stopped several years back because all of us kids grew up. So going back this year brought back a lot of memories, plus it was really weird that I was bringing my kid this year. My dad doesn’t go on the rides anymore, instead he watched Owen as Jazz and I went on pretty much every single ride. At first I felt bad that Dad was watching Owen, because I don’t want to burden anyone with him, but Dad seemed really happy.

He doesn’t get to see Owen as much as Jasmine or my mom do, and this was definitely the most they’ve interacted, but Owen seems to like my Dad a lot. I mean, he doesn’t fall asleep in just anyone’s arms!

Jazz and I went on pretty much all the rides, starting with the fun house:

We could not stop laughing from the warped mirrors LOL! After going on a ride called the Viper, which made us feel like we were going to throw up, we decided to take a break and look at all the animals in the barn. There were cows, horses, pigs, alpacas, sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens/roosters, and geese. Many of these animals are in a lot of Owen’s books that I read to him, and we always go over the sounds of what each one makes but it was pretty cool for him to hear them in person. He looked so amazed at all the animals that were making noises, especially the pig that was getting washed up and kept squealing lol. At first he wasn’t sure if he should cry or not, but once he realized that everyone was happy then he seemed more relaxed. We even got to pet some of the animals (tho I didn’t let Owen touch them cus he sticks his fingers in his mouth all the time).







The pig butts look so funny, they look like hairy human butts LOL

Jazz and I were ready for more rides, but after a few I started to feel sick lol but it turned out that we only had two more that we wanted to go on, one being the ferris wheel, so duh I’m gonna push through and go on the last two rides. 😉 We went on the ferris wheel last, and I have to agree with Jazz, it was the perfect ride to end the day with.



This was one of the few times I’ve felt like my old self. Being a mom (or pregnant) makes it tough to go out and do things on a whim. Everything’s tailored to my little guy. Owen and I saw the Dark Knight Rises Friday day and even just going to the movies is a whole ordeal. Gotta make sure to get a bottle ready and that the diaper bag’s organized and full and bring a toy for him but not one that makes too much noise and make sure we leave early enough incase he needs his diaper changed beforehand. Then, during the movie it’s a game of trying to entertain/feed/make sure Owen’s not making too much noise/keeping an eye on him when he wakes up from his nap (if he naps during the movie) to make sure he doesn’t start wailing, all while trying to watch the movie and hoping that we won’t have to leave halfway through incase Owen starts fussing and won’t stop. Much different from going and seeing the midnight showing like I probably would’ve done if I didn’t have a kid. Last night Jazz was telling me how much it must suck to not be able to go out and just do whatever I want. Yeah, sometimes it sucks, but overall it’s all worth it. There will only be around a dozen+ years of this, then pretty soon Owen will go off and do his own thing. That’s a pretty short amount of time, if you think about it, and even though it may suck at times, I just need to cherish these moments and realize that they won’t last forever. Owen’s the best thing that has happened to me and taking care of him is my number one priority, because seeing a grin on his face, or even just a slight smile, makes it all worth it. 🙂

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