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Hi! Sooo last week I didn’t post at all because I started my new job. I’m watching two boys (plus Owen!!) during the week. One kid is 3 years old and the other is 10 months (5 days older than Owen). They’re a handful, but this past week went much better than I was expecting!

In all honesty, Owen is the most demanding out of all three. We are in a new environment and he has to share me with two other kiddos, so he is not liking it to say the least. He cries every time I leave the room and oftentimes fusses just so I can hold him. It’s very frustrating. But, I have faith that he’ll adjust…and I just need to be patient. 🙂

Another thing is, my time with Dan and alone time with Owen is being cut down drastically. I get home after Dan does (around 630ish), we eat dinner, and then pretty soon it is bath/bed time for Owen (between 730 and 8), then bed time for us.

Please be patient with me as I get in a groove and figure out a routine with work, family time, housework, working out, getting presents ready, and posting on this blog. 🙂

So what’s new aside from my new job? Remember our advent calendar I made for December? Yeah, we lasted about 10 days and haven’t done a single activity since then. Not because we don’t have the time, actually it’s because Dan doesn’t want to do it lol :/ I just wish he would’ve told me that he didn’t care about it earlier when I was making it, instead of getting me excited to be doing this and putting in the time and effort to create it. So I guess I’ll make one when Owen’s older and do it then. Dan’s not invited to join us then LOL >:)

Also, now that I am actually getting an income I am able to pay off the rest of the medical bills from having Owen! It’s not much (about $700), but when I only had a few hundred dollars coming in every month it really was a burden to try to pay it off plus home bills and Owen’s necessities. So I am SO happy to be getting this bill taken care of!

Another thing that I’ve been doing lately is crafting. Sewing and making things – I’m sewing Owen a baby blanket for Christmas, we’re making Christmas cards, I have fabric for a throw, and there’s a project I’m getting ideas for, but it’s a secret for now 😉 Sewing and crafting is really really soothing for me, but unfortunately that is another thing that has been put on the back burner for now (until I get my schedule figured out).

As for Owen? He is taking steps now and has been slowly learning how to for a while now. I am not saying he’s walking yet, full on, but he can take like 4 steps in a row at times. Very exciting stuff!! He has 7 teeth (four on top, three on bottom), can wave, and clap his hands! His favorite words are “mama”, “dada”, and crying. Oh wait, that’s not a word lol :/

In conclusion, I’m leaving you all with a cute pic of Owen 😉



So sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have not been feeling well at all, and writing had been sorta the last thing on my mind.

The Vet
My mom has a dog named Humphrey.

We’re not entirely sure what’s wrong with him, but he’s acting like he’s in pain. So we took him to the vet and are currently waiting for the results from his X-rays.

Owen really likes Humphrey. Whenever he starts barking yapping, Owen starts laughing lol. When we go over to my mom’s place, Owen will always stare at Humphrey and is so intrigued by him (as you can see in the pic above). This was Owen’s first time at the vet, and it didn’t go too well. In fact, Owen was so bored (and fussy) that Dan ended up having to drive over and get him before the appointment was over. :/

Oh Christmas Tree
We put up our tree and decorated it last Saturday!! How do you think it looks? 🙂


I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday. Christmas is the only holiday where I actually decorate our home and really get into the holiday cheer. 🙂

One of the things I saw on Pinterest was to make an advent calendar of activities to do with your family or loved one. One activity for each day leading up to Christmas, starting with December 1st.

Yes, I made that lol. There are some really fancy ones out there, but since this is our first year doing this I wanted to test it out. If we like it then I’ll spend more time, money and effort in making a nicer looking one. But for now this is what we have!

Here’s what each day looks like:

Sat Dec 1: Deck the halls! (Decorate our house)
Sun 2: Make festive cupcakes
Mon 3: Play a board game
Tue 4: Make hot chocolate
Wed 5: Watch “White Christmas”
Thu 6: Donate toys Owen doesn’t play with
Fri 7: Make Christmas cards
Sat 8: Get pictures taken with Santa
Sun 9: Make Christmas cookies
Mon 10: Tell each other three things you love about them
Tue 11: Play 20 questions
Wed 12: Make New Year’s resolutions
Thu 13: Go get a Christmas treat
Fri 14: Watch “The Polar Express”
Sat 15: Go to Peacock Lane
Sun 16: Make a festive brunch
Mon 17: Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”
Tue 18: Make Owen’s ornament
Wed 19: Have a romantic candlelit dinner (even if it’s just grilled cheese sandwiches lol)
Thu 20: Give each other a back massage with holiday scented lotion
Fri 21: Watch “Love Actually”
Sat 22: Tour the Lights! Drive around the neighborhood and look at everyone’s lights
Sun 23: Go to the Solid Rock Christmas service
Mon 24:
•Go to the Rolling Hills candlelight service
• Open stockings
• Read “The Night Before Christmas” to Owen
Tue 25: Merry Christmas!!

This past Sunday I decided to get baptized. I was actually baptized Catholic when I was a baby, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about following Jesus and the Bible, and after talking to one of the pastors, Gerald (who is in the picture with me), I had made up my mind. It felt like the right time and the right step to take on my journey with The Lord.


H Mart
There is an Asian market not too far away called H Mart that we went to the other day, and I realized that that was the first time I’ve been there since I was pregnant. Ok, that doesn’t sound too interesting, but we tried going in one time during my pregnancy and I almost threw up because of the fish smell. I literally could not stay in the store. But! I’m not pregnant anymore and the smell doesn’t bother me, so we went! Which means it was officially Owen’s first time there too! They sell all sorts of things there, like specialty items. We like to buy Siracha and chili sauce there because it is SO much cheaper than trying to buy it at Fred Meyers or Safeway. Seriously! A little container at FM or Safeway will be like $5, but a huge tub (pictured) was only like $13 or so. I know I just posted this pic the other day, but Owen looks so cute in it, plus I want to point out how big the tub of chili sauce is compared to him. I think they weigh about the same lol!



Portland Meadows
Last Saturday we went over to Portland Meadows, where they do horse racing. We didn’t see any races, but we did win $7 from a lottery thing they were doing. The grand prize was $500k, and even tho we didn’t win that, we were still happy with the $7 lol 🙂


When one of Dan’s coworkers found out about Owen, she knitted him a sweater lol! It’s a super nice sweater and even has its own tag. Owen finally got to wear it since it’s getting colder out. 🙂

We were heading to church, that’s why he looks so polished. 🙂

We carved out pumpkins on Halloween night, but cus Owen’s too small to even draw, he got one of the prepainted ones. 🙂


SWCC Photo
We received our photo from SWCC’s Monster Mash a few days ago! It was taken by J. Lucas Photography.


High Five!
Owen can high five now!! He does it when he’s in a good mood and gets a big smile on his face when he does it (usually cus the recipient is happy to get a high five from him lol!).

Sick Mama
Yesterday I randomly woke up with aches all over, a really bad headache (I usually never get headaches!), and Dan said I had a fever too. Since I was feeling terrible, Dan came home super early and watched Owen and took care of me. 🙂 I slept pretty much the entire evening and Dan took complete care of Owen. Then around 1:30 in the morning I finally couldn’t put up with the pain anymore so I took another dose of acetaminophen and Dan very kindly massaged my back! At 1:30 in the morning! Talk about a great guy! I feel a lot better, but still not 100%. I have to give Dan so much thanks cus I know I would still feel terrible if he hadn’t come home. Even just taking care of Owen was a huge help! I think Owen would agree too haha 😉

Have I ever told you how much Owen loves to play with balls? One of my brothers gave him a foam soccer ball when I was pregnant (cus he was kicking so much lol) and Owen loves to play with it. Not only that, but whenever Dan and I drop him off at the Kids Club he always goes for the balls there, especially the soccer ball. It’s really funny, he’s always playing with them! So we went to the dollar store to see if they had cheap balls and they did! They had three different kinda – a basketball, a football, and a soccer ball. Owen’s favorite? The soccer ball lol I have a feeling he’s gonna wanna play soccer later. 😉


Ok, we have a ghost. Owen has a toy table that plays music and it goes off by itself when Owen’s not even near it. Dan says it’s just the batteries going dead, but I’m convinced that we have a ghost. This is scary! So far that’s the only reason I have for thinking there’s a ghost here, but I’ll keep you updated if other spooky things start happening lol 😉


Owen is starting to learn what a kiss is! He doesn’t kiss on command or know what you mean when you say “kiss”, but we think he’s starting to slowly make the connection. Every once in awhile we’ll pick him up and he leans in and bumps his face on our mouth or cheek!

Depo Provera and the Dr’s Appointment
Ok, so I should warn you that this next segment might gross some of you out cus I’ll be talking about blood. Don’t worry, Owen’s fine! And I think I’m fine too. It has to do with the Depo Provera shot. I’m not really sure where to start, so I’ll go way back to February when I gave birth to the lil guy.

On the last day at the hospital I decided to get the Depo Provera shot. All I knew about it was that you get it every three months, the chances of getting pregnant are slim, and that there was the possibility of getting sick while on it. I know, I should have researched birth controls more, but during my pregnancy it was sorta the last thing on my mind. For the first three months on Depo I felt completely fine, the only side effect I had was prolonged bleeding down there. The normal bleeding after having a baby never quite went away due to the Depo shot. I didn’t think much of it, just that I was bleeding a lot. At my 6 week postpartum check up, I mentioned it to the dr and she said it sounded completely normal. So in May I received a second dosage. This time I experienced side effects like nausea, a little vomiting (from the nausea), fatigue, and more bleeding. I was NOT going to get a third dose in August. Towards the beginning of August the bleeding had stopped and I thought my body was slowly but surely trying to get back to normal. And then towards the end of August the bleeding started again. And it hasn’t stopped yet. Sometimes there will be days with light spotting, but lately it has been heavy. Like my period at its heaviest.

So I went to the dr on Friday to make sure everything was ok. They examined, swabbed, drew blood, and asked a lot of questions. She told me that they were going to do a pregnancy test “just to make sure”, and that since I’m under the age of 24 the risk of getting gonorrhea or chlamydia is higher so they were testing that as well.

Even though she said everything looked healthy down there, I was still mortified. And even though there is practically no way that I could get an std or get pregnant, I was still worrying. Pregnant and/or an std?? That was by far one of the worst dr’s appts ever. Oh, and I want to point out that Owen was fussing the ENTIRE time.

She told me that my body would start to get back to normal and the bleeding should stop definitely by February. Wow.

I patiently waited for the test results and finally received them last night!

No baby and no infection!
And here’s what my blood looks like, pretty average stuff here.


So all is well with me, but there’s one other side effect that I am experiencing – weight issues.

Luckily I am not gaining weight since I am working out almost every day, but the Depo shot is making it very difficult for me to drop it. I am counting my calories and working out and tho I can fit into most of my pre-baby clothes, I am not dropping the pounds, just sustaining. Depo makes women gain weight easily and makes it harder to shed pounds. It is really frustrating and makes me feel hopeless at times, but I know that my body is trying to get back to normal now.

I really wanted to share my experience with the Depo shot because I feel like women should know about the possible side effects. This is just my story, but it seems like many women have similar experiences. It was a huge mistake for me to get on it in the first place, and if I could go back in time I would’ve researched birth control options more in depth and chosen a different method.

I’m deciding to create a posting schedule for this blog:

Monday: Misc/Updates
Tuesday: Recipes
Wednesday: Blessings
Thursday: Just Pics
Friday: Misc/Updates
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off or updates

“Misc” might include projects or more recipes or more pics if I have an abundance. 😉
Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it!

Monday was a terrible day for Owen. He had a fever of 102.4 around midday, was fussy all day, would NOT let me set him down, and did not have much of an appetite. By the time the nurse called me back (around 4pm), he had only eaten about 6-8 ounces of formula (usually he has that much first thing in the morning).

We’re not sure what was/is wrong with him, but my guess is that it’s teething related. He was extra drool-y that day and seemed to suck on just about everything. The nurse said it could be an ear infection, but Owen hasn’t been sick lately, doesn’t have any problem with us touching his ears, and really got better after giving him medicine.

The nurse suggested giving him acetaminophen (3.75mL) every 4-6 hours. The main goal was to lower his temp, get his appetite back up, and get him to be less lethargic. About half an hour after giving him the first dose I checked his temperature (rectally) and it had already lowered to 101.7! He ate a bottle and was perking up overall!

We went to go work out and I had a feeling that Owen would’ve done better at the Kids Club than at home. His fever was going down drastically and he was actually sorta in a playful mood, plus I thought a change of scenery would’ve helped him wake up a little. He loves the girls there and has a fun time with all of the other kids, plus Monday’s are always really slow so he actually turned out to be the only kid there.

When Dan and I picked him up, he had a smile on his face, felt much cooler, and the attendant said that he did a really great job and played around.

We ended up giving him a second dose right before bedtime, so he would sleep better. He didn’t wake up until well after 9 (usually he wakes up around 7), and seemed to be 80% back to his old self. The fever had gone down back to a normal temperature and he actually ate a bottle, a teething cracker, and a bowl of oatmeal! He was a bit more fussy than usual, but overall his mood was much happier than Monday.

He is playing, crawling, and eating like normal now, but he is still sleeping and fussing more than usual. Not as bad as Monday, but he’s still sleeping until 9 and his naps are a little longer.

There’s one thing for sure, I really hate seeing him like this. I want my happy little chunk back.

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