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Today Owen turns 11 months old! Eek! My lil baby is growing up! 😢 Haha 😉
He’s walking 85% of the time now, can wave, let’s me know when he’s done with food (will mimic “all done” if we sign it), and is slowly learning how to say “night night” and it’s meaning!! He knows his name and comes over when we call him (which is really handy now that he can walk – I don’t hafta pick him up anymore whenever I leave the room, he just walks over)!

There’s a lot to be thankful for these days! 🙂

• Our car got hit while someone was trying to parallel park in front of it – tho this may be a bad thing, the person luckily has insurance and our car’s gonna get fixed. Yeah, it’s inconvenient but at least no one got hurt and the car still runs! Plus it was hit in the same spot where Dan accidentally hit a pole earlier, so it’s really nice that we’re getting it fixed!! Gotta be thankful about that!

• I’m so thankful that Dan was able to watch Owen and put him to bed on New Year’s so I could meet up with a couple friends – Danielle and Amy! We went to the Driftwood Room downtown and had a lot of fun catching up (plus it was nice to have some baby-free time)!

• The family I nanny for have an 11 month old who is 5 days older than Owen, and they have offered to have a joint birthday party for the two at their house!

What things are you thankful for that have occurred within the past week?


Doesn’t it seem like Thanksgiving was ages ago?! Here’s what I’m thankful for that happened last week:

• Thanksgiving went well!

• Got some Christmas shopping done! Still have a lot to do, but getting a head start feels good!

• I’m so thankful that I’m able to take care of Owen at home while he’s getting over being sick.

• Dan had a long weekend and we were able to spend it together and just chill and relax! 🙂

• Yesterday Owen and I were able to spend some quality time with Grandma and Aunt Jazz 🙂

• Today, Owen said “mama”!! He has sorta babbled it before but wouldn’t say it again when we asked him to. Today he said it about a dozen times! (I was so in shock that he repeated it for me that I kept asking and asking him haha!)

There are a lot of things to be thankful for in my life 🙂

• I’m getting a job AND I’m able to take Owen with me and still watch and raise him!! 🙂 I’ll be watching two other kids, brothers, and they are 9 months old and 3.5 years old. I already watched them for about 4 hours last Saturday and Dan and I had dinner at their house before that. The parents are super nice and like Owen, so it’s the perfect job for me to have. 🙂

• Our car is working lol…barely.

• Dan and I have really been talking about our future together and I’m just so excited to see where our path leads us. On one hand it’s scary to talk about getting married, buying a house together, and having more kids, but on the other hand it is really exciting because this is what I want. And this is what he says he wants. Before I met Dan I remember wondering when I’d ever meet a guy and if I’d ever get married and have a kid…little did I know that a few years later I’d have two really special guys in my life. 🙂


• Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m so thankful that we are able to host and have family come over. Plus we are able to cook a lot of yummy foods. It’s really sad to think about all of the families around our city, state, nation, and world that go hungry everyday. The link below is to help curb child hunger in the US, even the smallest donation can help. 🙂
No Kid Hungry

I’m thankful that the majority of my family will be able to all come together (have a happy Thanksgiving in NYC Ben!!!). I’m really happy that Dan got to go over and see his kids yesterday and today. It is really sad to think about the people who don’t have a family to spend the holidays with. Below is a link for Toys For Tots. They help bring new toys to kids all over the US to give them warmth and hope for their future. The link will tell you where there’s a drop off site near you. 🙂
Toys for Tots

Life has been really good to us. Not only do we have our little family that brings us joy daily (for the most part), but we have everyone else – our siblings, parents, kids. We have jobs (mine will start in December) so we can further take care of ourselves and Owen. We have a good home, food, friends, and are able to do fun things like go to coffee on the weekends. There are many things that we gripe about, but when we take a step back we can’t help but be thankful for everything God has given us. 🙂

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

This past week has been pretty much the same as last. I’m ready for Thanksgiving and to spend more time with my family. Here are the things I’m thankful for that happened:

• Last Saturday my Dad came over and we went out to dinner with my mom, sister, brother and Dan and Matt. Even tho we left Owen’s bottle at the restaurant, it was still a really nice evening.

• On Monday, Sarah, Nick, Ben and Hallie came over to Portland and ended up having dinner with us. It’s always so nice to see them! I babysat Hallie so the rest of them could see Skyfall and spend the day together, and we (Hallie, Owen, and I) had so much fun! More about that later 😉

• Speaking of Skyfall, Dan took Matt and I to go see it and it was so good! My sister, Jasmine, babysat Owen and I’m so thankful that she was able to!! Luckily he wasn’t too much of a boogerface for her haha! 😉

• Sarah bought us some really yummy smelling candles that I wanted to get, plus she bought Owen a new cute outfit! Thanks!!

• I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K running program and so far I have accomplished all the way up to week 4, day 1! I’ve never been good at endurance running, but the rate of how much weekly running to do is really making me progress. I know that I’m able to run for longer now, and each day I’m surprising myself with what I’m accomplishing. Anyway, I’m really thankful that I’m able to stick with this and actually do it, so far. I’m definitely not at 5K status yet, but I’m getting there 😉

• Our VCR broke :/ so we went to Goodwill to buy another and it just so happened that it was 50% off that day! We for it for only $10! Woohoo! Plus it’s a VCR/DVD combo! Before, we’d always hafta switch the cable whenever we’d go back and forth between the DVD player and VCR, so this is nice that we can just leave it hooked up and not hafta worry about switching the cable all the time. It’s the little things that are making things better for me, lately. 🙂

Sorry for not posting the past couple of days.

To tell you the truth, I have been feeling pretty…down. Really unhappy. There are quite a few reasons – financial, I’m going to have to go back to work soon, and then there’s Dan. Things are really not going well. I’m hoping things will get better, but I don’t see the light yet. It’s hard to be thankful right now, but I just have to keep in mind that there are people out there who are in a worse state than I am. And there are also people who don’t have a cute, sweet little man like Owen in their life. He, alone, can put a smile on my face.

So here goes:
• Owen – no matter how crummy I feel, he is always there with a big smile on his face wanting to play (85% of the time). He is really such a sweet baby and makes my life so much better. He goes with the flow on a lot of things and can be easy to please. Taking care of him and having him rely on me is the best thing in the world. I love being a mom. His mom.


• Obama won!!


• My brother and some of my friends are on the east coast right now for various reasons and luckily all of them (I think) are doing ok! My brother, Ben, is doing a show in NYC and luckily he still has power and is actually able to walk around outside. He sent me this on Facebook:
“We were stuck inside yesterday so I went through my camera and found that I had these photos.”

I’m so glad that he’s alright!

• I wrote this in an earlier post, but I’m so thankful that Dan took work off early in Thursday because I’m all better now!

• Dan is trying a new thing with Owen every night where he’s trying to teach him how to get off of the couch by himself. Owen has such a fun time even tho he’s not quite grasping the concept lol. His giggles and smiles are so cute and such a great way to end the night. 🙂

• I thought I had lost Owen’s 7 month handprint tile but we accidentally left it at Paintpots lol at least we didn’t lose it!

• Last Sunday started out on the wrong foot, but the day turned out really good!

• Every other weekend when we go to coffee we always see the same people. We saw them before I got pregnant, during my pregnancy, and now they comment as Owen grows older! Some of them will always come by and ask how Owen’s doing and will always say how cute he is! 🙂 It’s so funny because Dan and I always wonder what their reaction must’ve been when they first noticed that I was pregnant, and then when we first brought Owen to coffee! LOL! I bet that must’ve been a big surprise 🙂 Nonetheless, it’s a really nice atmosphere there and such a great way to start off our weekend mornings.

• On monday night, I skipped doing the dishes and gave Owen his bath, bottle and put him down for bed. Usually Dan does it cus it’s easier for him to give Owen a bath (I have really small hands) plus it’s their chance to have quality time together, but whenever Dan’s gone I get to take over. As I was feeding Owen his bottle, I was lightly stroking his face and head and he was so cute and started drifting off to sleep. Ever since he was a newborn I would always stroke his face really lightly and he has always loved it. Even to this day he will sit in my lap and sorta zone out when I do it. I love that I get that special bonding time with him, esp since he’s such a wiggle worm now.

It seemed like every baby website, book, and magazine I read while I was preggo would always say how important touch is for a baby. That always made sense to me because touch is important for adults, young and old. So while I was pregnant Dan and I would always rub my belly and once our little guy came out we opted to have the skin-to-skin contact immediately after. My little sister is 7 years younger than me and I remember when she was a baby she would always love us touching her forehead and nose in a certain rhythmic way. I tried that on Owen a few times when he was a newborn, but he never cared much for that. Then I tried lightly touching his cheeks and lips and forehead and nose and he loved it. Correction: loves it. You know when someone scratches your back really lightly and it feels like your whole body is numb? Or, when you get a massage and you can’t focus on anything but where the touch is coming from? That’s the look he gets when I lightly stroke his face. It really is something special. He’s something special. 🙂

• I skipped the dishes again last night and was able to lay in bed while Dan washed and fed Owen. That’s such a bad habit I’m getting into (not doing the dishes) but it felt sooo good to get into bed early. Thanks Dan! 😀

• Yesterday I bought Owen a coat! It’s a lil big on him (size 12 months), but he’ll be able to wear it the rest of the winter (hopefully!). He looks like a giant charred marshmallow, but he’s SO CUTE! We were looking for a coat and just wasn’t having much luck, so I tried a local consignment store and they had ONE near his size and it was in great condition, looks good, and was only $9! Woohoo! 😉

Yes, that’s him laying on the floor in the store….it was such a hassle putting it on him cus he was wiggling so much, but he finally gave in and just laid there! Mom: 1, Owen: 0! ;D

• Being able to wrap a blanket around Owen while he’s sleeping is such a simple but sweet moment. It’s moments like that that remind me of how blessed I am. 🙂

• This was the first weekend where Dan had Matt slept over at the duplex instead of his boathouse.

• Dan and I get to workout almost every single day together. It’s really fun to have those two baby-less hours every day to just focus on Dan and I. Plus it’s better (and cheaper) than going to happy hour or something similar!

• We got a new sink! I mean faucet! LOL Dan grits his teeth every time I call the faucet the sink haha 😉 And our front door has been freshly painted too!

• Owen’s not sick!!

• I’m not sick!!

As Paula Deen would say- hey y’all!

Ok, so my friend Emily used to write a “Thankful” post on Sundays. I’ve seen this on a number of other blogs and have been thinking about doing something similar.

Instead of Sundays, I will be posting “Blessings” on Wednesdays. That may seem like an odd day, but the middle of the week is when I always seem to forget everything I’ve learned at church the Sunday prior. This will be a way to sort of keep me in check.

These might be things I’m thankful for that have happened within the past week, or the past day. I’ll usually post about 3 things.

So, here’s the first Blessings post! 🙂

• When I’m holding Owen and he lays his head on my shoulder, usually when he’s sleeping, it is one of the best things in the world. He did that a few times this past week (since he hasn’t been feeling well with his teething). He knows that he’s safe and just wants to cuddle up next to his mama.

• Dan had Monday off from work and we got to spend practically all day together 🙂

• Dan told me that he’s really lucky to be with a woman like me. 🙂 Two days later and I’m still smiling when I think back on him saying that 🙂

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