Wow! Burger
Wow! Several days ago Dan, Owen and I went to Cascade Station to do some shopping at Ikea. For lunch we decided to go to Wow! Burger because Dan went once and said it was so yummy!

Ok, so we actually didn’t get any burgers. We only went for the fries. Wow! Does that sound crazy? We ordered the chili cheese fries and the Parmesan basil fries. Both were really good and had big portions. The total was only about $5! Wow!! (Ok I’ll stop with the wows!) 😉


Aside from the yummy fries, the service was really great! It’s the type of place where you order at the counter, get a number and they bring your food out to you. Unlike most places like that, they also had people refill your water and clear your plates. What really stood out was when we asked the guy at the counter if they had hot water, he said “unfortunately we don’t, but I can go over to Starbucks and get you some if you’d like?”

Isn’t that crazy?! When’s the last time someone offered to go down the block to another place just to get you hot water?? Needless to say, we were really impressed by their service and the food. The next time we are in the area and are hungry we are going to Wow! Burger to actually try out their burgers lol!


Owen loved the ceiling fans…lol!

La Bonita and The Bylines
Last Thursday, Dan and I went over to the Alberta Arts District to see my friends Marianna, Reece, and Isaac perform. Marianna and Reece are in a band called The Bylines, and Isaac was the guest performer. Marianna and I worked on The Portland Spirit together a few years back and that’s where I found out how amazing she is at singing!

We decided to go to dinner before the concert and went to La Bonita for a few reasons – Mexican food is yummy, it is only a few blocks away from the theater, and my friend and his family happen to own it! We both got a chimichanga and were not expecting them to be so big! They were so yummy too!!

All in all we had a great night. We had some much needed alone time (THANKS JASMINE!!), got all dressed up, ate some delicious food, listened I good music, and were able to support some friends.

By the way, in case you haven’t seen this yet it’s definitely worth watching! Isaac proposed to his fiancee Amy by making a video and it went viral fast. They have over 16 million views, were on the Today show, and even had Bruno Mars tweet about it. Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal LOL! The video is all the way at the bottom of the interview! 🙂
Guess Who??

Yep, that’s little Dan! 🙂 Don’t you see a huge resemblance between Owen and him?? I do! I thought it’d be fun to post baby pics of both of us and compare next to Owen.

Aside from Owen’s darker hair color, who do you think he looks more like?