Fellow mommy blogger, Meghan, wrote about what she would do if she won the lottery (which is up to $500 million now). Just for fun I thought I’d do the same! After all, Dan and I did buy a ticket lol πŸ˜‰

β€’ First things first – Dan and I agreed that we would split our winnings 50/50. We did that when we won $7 at the Portland Meadows, and we plan on doing that if we win anything bigger too. πŸ˜‰

β€’ Debt – We’d pay off any and all debt attached to our names.

β€’ School – I’d finish up my schooling and start on my career. I was taking the real estate courses before I got pregnant, and only have six left before I can study up and take the state exam. So close to finishing, but financially it seems so far away.

β€’ Home – We’d buy a house. Not a huge mansion or anything extravagant like that, but something bigger than what we have now, with our own yard. Not just a little yard out front, but enough land so we wouldn’t have to worry about neighbors being close. We would ideally like to live sorta out in the middle of nowhere, but still somewhat close in. We’d have a big shed for Dan to do all of his work in (for his boat and car). We’d have a big garden where we’d gather our veggies for dinner. And inside, we’d have a big kitchen with plenty of counter space and cupboards for us to neatly organize everything and for us to be able to cook together and not get frustrated whenever we’d bump into each other lol. We’d have plenty of beds for family to sleep over for the holidays (so they wouldn’t have to drive home late at night).


β€’ We’d have more kids. At least one or two more. Maybe 8 haha πŸ˜‰

β€’ We’d set up trust funds for Owen, family, and create ones for future kids (and if we don’t have them then we’ll have that money saved up for later!). We’d have Owen’s schooling completely set aside and taken care of.

β€’ I’d buy my mom a house, or something similar (it depends on what she wanted).

β€’ I’d buy my dad a gold Cadillac, because ever since I was really little I remember him saying how he has always wanted one.

β€’ I’d give money to help each of my siblings out. Whether it be school debt or whatever!

β€’ Giving – I’d take a percentage of my share and divvy it up to organizations or people in need. Our church, some theater companies in town, and then I’d make anonymous donations to friends (I stole that idea from Dan!).

β€’ Travel – Dan and I would travel. We’d go all over the world. We always talk about going to different places like France, Germany, Tel Aviv – any place we see in a movie, magazine, or hear about we always talk about what it’d be like to go there together. And when Owen turns 5 or so, we will go to Disneyland lol. It’ll be Owen’s and my first time!

β€’ I’d fix up the Rav4. It’s a great little car but needs some TLC right now :/

β€’ Savings – I’d set up accounts so I couldn’t touch the money until a certain date (just to make sure I didn’t sneak some out earlier).

My dad and I were talking about winning the lottery after we ate thanksgiving dinner. After telling him what I’d do with it, he said that I’d be happy with only winning $1 million. That is very true, but if we end up winning more than that, my hope is that we won’t go crazy and blow it all on us. What’s the fun of only spending it on yourself??

What would you do if you won the lottery? Comment or write your own post!