Thanksgiving was yummy! And fun, but most of all really yummy lol! 😉 We hosted Thanksgiving at our home and everyone pitched in and made a dish. We had my mom, dad, Tony, James, Charlotte, and Jasmine over. My brother Ben is currently in NYC and was able to spend it with friends (he also got to see the Macy’s parade in person!).

Dan and I woke up early to go to coffee and Owen was in a pretty good mood. Sometimes during coffee he’ll be completely fidgety and we have to cut our special coffee time short, but other times he’ll sorta zone out and sleep and Dan and I can sip and chat for longer. Most days, like Thanksgiving, he’s somewhere in the middle.

We then finished last minute shopping and started cookin’ and cleanin’! My family came over around 5pm and we all got to talk about what’s new in our lives while we ate. My sister Charlotte made mashed potatoes and Owen ate a bunch of them! He really liked them lol! He didn’t care so much for the turkey, but that might be due to him shoveling a handful into his mouth and almost choking on it lol… :/

I made pumpkin pie and let Owen eat a few bites (just the pie itself, not the crust). He really liked it! It’s so funny because he seems to like really flavorful foods and even spicy foods. He’s definitely mine and Dan’s kid!

With everyone there and all of the commotion, Owen was naturally a bit shy. But he’s gonna hafta get used to it because my family is pretty big!

20121126-145248.jpgGrandma and Aunt Charlotte

20121126-145513.jpgOwen with Grandma

20121126-151711.jpgWith Grandpa

20121126-145543.jpgWith Aunt Jasmine

Our menu looked like this:
Mashed potatoes
Yams with marshmallows
Stuffing (two different kinds)
Hash brown casserole (Dan’s recipe)
Broccoli salad
Apple sausage pie (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow 🙂
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 🙂
Pumpkin pie

We had a really yummy feast!
Overall Thanksgiving went really well. We didn’t buy Owen a special outfit for his first Thanksgiving, but we did get something special for Christmas. 😀

By the way, Dan surprised me on Wednesday with a dozen roses! How sweet is he?! I used to always slyly suggest that he get me flowers and he never would hahaha except for my birthday. So I gave up and figured it was a losing battle, and after totally forgetting about it he came home and surprised me with roses! I was so surprised and I think I kinda paused when he gave them to me to see if this was for real or not haha!