First off, happy Veterans Day (yesterday)! I want to give a shout out to all of our troops and everyone who has served for our country. 🙂

Teeth 4 and 5
Owen has FIVE teeth poking through now!! He has three on top and two on bottom. Only the bottom two are almost fully in though, the others are just showing the tips. He looks so funny with his little teeth haha and boy are they sharp!

Dan and I have been working with Owen on standing and he is really getting the hang of it!

He will stand for like five seconds at a time and then fall or grab something to balance himself, and then he tries to stand again. Plus he’ll practice by himself whenever he’s at the couch, coffee table, his toy table, or anywhere!


9 Months
As of last Friday, Owen is nine months old now. Time is really flying by! I’m super excited to be sharing the holiday season with my two favorite guys! 🙂