This past Sunday I decided to get baptized. I was actually baptized Catholic when I was a baby, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about following Jesus and the Bible, and after talking to one of the pastors, Gerald (who is in the picture with me), I had made up my mind. It felt like the right time and the right step to take on my journey with The Lord.


H Mart
There is an Asian market not too far away called H Mart that we went to the other day, and I realized that that was the first time I’ve been there since I was pregnant. Ok, that doesn’t sound too interesting, but we tried going in one time during my pregnancy and I almost threw up because of the fish smell. I literally could not stay in the store. But! I’m not pregnant anymore and the smell doesn’t bother me, so we went! Which means it was officially Owen’s first time there too! They sell all sorts of things there, like specialty items. We like to buy Siracha and chili sauce there because it is SO much cheaper than trying to buy it at Fred Meyers or Safeway. Seriously! A little container at FM or Safeway will be like $5, but a huge tub (pictured) was only like $13 or so. I know I just posted this pic the other day, but Owen looks so cute in it, plus I want to point out how big the tub of chili sauce is compared to him. I think they weigh about the same lol!



Portland Meadows
Last Saturday we went over to Portland Meadows, where they do horse racing. We didn’t see any races, but we did win $7 from a lottery thing they were doing. The grand prize was $500k, and even tho we didn’t win that, we were still happy with the $7 lol 🙂