• Last Sunday started out on the wrong foot, but the day turned out really good!

• Every other weekend when we go to coffee we always see the same people. We saw them before I got pregnant, during my pregnancy, and now they comment as Owen grows older! Some of them will always come by and ask how Owen’s doing and will always say how cute he is! 🙂 It’s so funny because Dan and I always wonder what their reaction must’ve been when they first noticed that I was pregnant, and then when we first brought Owen to coffee! LOL! I bet that must’ve been a big surprise 🙂 Nonetheless, it’s a really nice atmosphere there and such a great way to start off our weekend mornings.

• On monday night, I skipped doing the dishes and gave Owen his bath, bottle and put him down for bed. Usually Dan does it cus it’s easier for him to give Owen a bath (I have really small hands) plus it’s their chance to have quality time together, but whenever Dan’s gone I get to take over. As I was feeding Owen his bottle, I was lightly stroking his face and head and he was so cute and started drifting off to sleep. Ever since he was a newborn I would always stroke his face really lightly and he has always loved it. Even to this day he will sit in my lap and sorta zone out when I do it. I love that I get that special bonding time with him, esp since he’s such a wiggle worm now.

It seemed like every baby website, book, and magazine I read while I was preggo would always say how important touch is for a baby. That always made sense to me because touch is important for adults, young and old. So while I was pregnant Dan and I would always rub my belly and once our little guy came out we opted to have the skin-to-skin contact immediately after. My little sister is 7 years younger than me and I remember when she was a baby she would always love us touching her forehead and nose in a certain rhythmic way. I tried that on Owen a few times when he was a newborn, but he never cared much for that. Then I tried lightly touching his cheeks and lips and forehead and nose and he loved it. Correction: loves it. You know when someone scratches your back really lightly and it feels like your whole body is numb? Or, when you get a massage and you can’t focus on anything but where the touch is coming from? That’s the look he gets when I lightly stroke his face. It really is something special. He’s something special. 🙂

• I skipped the dishes again last night and was able to lay in bed while Dan washed and fed Owen. That’s such a bad habit I’m getting into (not doing the dishes) but it felt sooo good to get into bed early. Thanks Dan! 😀

• Yesterday I bought Owen a coat! It’s a lil big on him (size 12 months), but he’ll be able to wear it the rest of the winter (hopefully!). He looks like a giant charred marshmallow, but he’s SO CUTE! We were looking for a coat and just wasn’t having much luck, so I tried a local consignment store and they had ONE near his size and it was in great condition, looks good, and was only $9! Woohoo! 😉

Yes, that’s him laying on the floor in the store….it was such a hassle putting it on him cus he was wiggling so much, but he finally gave in and just laid there! Mom: 1, Owen: 0! ;D