Ok, we have a ghost. Owen has a toy table that plays music and it goes off by itself when Owen’s not even near it. Dan says it’s just the batteries going dead, but I’m convinced that we have a ghost. This is scary! So far that’s the only reason I have for thinking there’s a ghost here, but I’ll keep you updated if other spooky things start happening lol 😉


Owen is starting to learn what a kiss is! He doesn’t kiss on command or know what you mean when you say “kiss”, but we think he’s starting to slowly make the connection. Every once in awhile we’ll pick him up and he leans in and bumps his face on our mouth or cheek!

Depo Provera and the Dr’s Appointment
Ok, so I should warn you that this next segment might gross some of you out cus I’ll be talking about blood. Don’t worry, Owen’s fine! And I think I’m fine too. It has to do with the Depo Provera shot. I’m not really sure where to start, so I’ll go way back to February when I gave birth to the lil guy.

On the last day at the hospital I decided to get the Depo Provera shot. All I knew about it was that you get it every three months, the chances of getting pregnant are slim, and that there was the possibility of getting sick while on it. I know, I should have researched birth controls more, but during my pregnancy it was sorta the last thing on my mind. For the first three months on Depo I felt completely fine, the only side effect I had was prolonged bleeding down there. The normal bleeding after having a baby never quite went away due to the Depo shot. I didn’t think much of it, just that I was bleeding a lot. At my 6 week postpartum check up, I mentioned it to the dr and she said it sounded completely normal. So in May I received a second dosage. This time I experienced side effects like nausea, a little vomiting (from the nausea), fatigue, and more bleeding. I was NOT going to get a third dose in August. Towards the beginning of August the bleeding had stopped and I thought my body was slowly but surely trying to get back to normal. And then towards the end of August the bleeding started again. And it hasn’t stopped yet. Sometimes there will be days with light spotting, but lately it has been heavy. Like my period at its heaviest.

So I went to the dr on Friday to make sure everything was ok. They examined, swabbed, drew blood, and asked a lot of questions. She told me that they were going to do a pregnancy test “just to make sure”, and that since I’m under the age of 24 the risk of getting gonorrhea or chlamydia is higher so they were testing that as well.

Even though she said everything looked healthy down there, I was still mortified. And even though there is practically no way that I could get an std or get pregnant, I was still worrying. Pregnant and/or an std?? That was by far one of the worst dr’s appts ever. Oh, and I want to point out that Owen was fussing the ENTIRE time.

She told me that my body would start to get back to normal and the bleeding should stop definitely by February. Wow.

I patiently waited for the test results and finally received them last night!

No baby and no infection!
And here’s what my blood looks like, pretty average stuff here.


So all is well with me, but there’s one other side effect that I am experiencing – weight issues.

Luckily I am not gaining weight since I am working out almost every day, but the Depo shot is making it very difficult for me to drop it. I am counting my calories and working out and tho I can fit into most of my pre-baby clothes, I am not dropping the pounds, just sustaining. Depo makes women gain weight easily and makes it harder to shed pounds. It is really frustrating and makes me feel hopeless at times, but I know that my body is trying to get back to normal now.

I really wanted to share my experience with the Depo shot because I feel like women should know about the possible side effects. This is just my story, but it seems like many women have similar experiences. It was a huge mistake for me to get on it in the first place, and if I could go back in time I would’ve researched birth control options more in depth and chosen a different method.