Monday was a terrible day for Owen. He had a fever of 102.4 around midday, was fussy all day, would NOT let me set him down, and did not have much of an appetite. By the time the nurse called me back (around 4pm), he had only eaten about 6-8 ounces of formula (usually he has that much first thing in the morning).

We’re not sure what was/is wrong with him, but my guess is that it’s teething related. He was extra drool-y that day and seemed to suck on just about everything. The nurse said it could be an ear infection, but Owen hasn’t been sick lately, doesn’t have any problem with us touching his ears, and really got better after giving him medicine.

The nurse suggested giving him acetaminophen (3.75mL) every 4-6 hours. The main goal was to lower his temp, get his appetite back up, and get him to be less lethargic. About half an hour after giving him the first dose I checked his temperature (rectally) and it had already lowered to 101.7! He ate a bottle and was perking up overall!

We went to go work out and I had a feeling that Owen would’ve done better at the Kids Club than at home. His fever was going down drastically and he was actually sorta in a playful mood, plus I thought a change of scenery would’ve helped him wake up a little. He loves the girls there and has a fun time with all of the other kids, plus Monday’s are always really slow so he actually turned out to be the only kid there.

When Dan and I picked him up, he had a smile on his face, felt much cooler, and the attendant said that he did a really great job and played around.

We ended up giving him a second dose right before bedtime, so he would sleep better. He didn’t wake up until well after 9 (usually he wakes up around 7), and seemed to be 80% back to his old self. The fever had gone down back to a normal temperature and he actually ate a bottle, a teething cracker, and a bowl of oatmeal! He was a bit more fussy than usual, but overall his mood was much happier than Monday.

He is playing, crawling, and eating like normal now, but he is still sleeping and fussing more than usual. Not as bad as Monday, but he’s still sleeping until 9 and his naps are a little longer.

There’s one thing for sure, I really hate seeing him like this. I want my happy little chunk back.