Owen said his first word!!
I am officially saying it because he can repeat it!! Not over and over again like a monkey, but he has said it a few times today!

What was the word?


This morning at coffee Dan came back to the table after getting his cup of joe and Owen looked right at him and said “Da!” (Yes, with an exclamation point 😉 lol)

We tried over and over again to make him say “Dada” but he wasn’t doin much but smiling. After we moved everything and returned the U-Haul (oh btw, we moved everything today!!) I took a nap and when I woke up Dan showed me what Owen and him were practicing. He was holding Owen in his lap and said “say ‘Dada’!” and Owen said “Dada!” with a huge grin on his face 🙂

He doesn’t say it every time we try to get him to say it, and he definitely isn’t saying it on purpose, but I am marking this down in the books – Saturday, September 29, 2012, Owen said “Dada”! 🙂