So sorry for the lack of posts this week – we are moving this weekend and I’ve been packing and getting ready for the move while trying to take care of the lil chunk at the same time (it was tough, but I packed everything!).

Since we are moving out of West Linn, Dan and I have been hitting up the nearby restaurants. We’ve been to La Fiesta (the Mexican restaurant that had yummy coconut margaritas), Lil Cooperstown (which had really yummy burgers), and today I decided to take Owen over to the Chinese restaurant. Dan is in the Dalles right now so it was only Owen and I. Since I was the only one ordering, there was really “just one” of us.

As I walked into the restaurant, the hostess asked
“may I help you?”
“Yes…I’d like a table…”
“Is it just you or…”
“Yes, just one – and a highchair” I replied.

She left and a different guy came out. We had the same conversation but I cut him off and said “just one. For here. And a highchair please.”

I could already see how this dining experience was going to end up.

He sat me at a table set for four and all of the families nearby stared at me. I didn’t really mind because I do things alone with Owen all the time (like 24/7), but I got the feeling that they (the customers) thought I was a lonely single mom.

The server took two place settings away (leaving two…one for me and one for the chair directly across from me…). He brought two cups for tea and two cups of water. I reminded him “just one” and he laughed and said “oh sorry, but I’ll leave it just incase.”

Just incase of what? I was pretty positive that it was just going to be Owen and I.

A different server brought a plate (to dish up the food) and said “oh! Are there two today?”

“Nope, just one.”

I’m sure that by this time the surrounding tables must’ve found it funny that I had repeated “just one” about half a dozen times and no one seemed to be listening.

We ate, I asked for a doggy bag and the check, and when the server brought it back he also brought two fortune cookies. I didn’t say anything this time, but I did open both fortunes. šŸ˜€

Is it really that weird for a mom and her baby to go to dinner alone together?? Apparently in West Linn it is.

But still, I didn’t really mind. I didn’t mind because I’m not a lonely single mom. Dan just happened to be out of town on our last night in West Linn and I didn’t want to cook anything because I had packed everything up. So I decided to treat myself to dinner. Not very weird at all, right?

The truth is, if I were single (with no baby), or a single mom, or was having a rough patch with Dan, I probably would have been upset by the entire situation. I probably would have felt alone. The thing is, Dan and I have been working on things and I feel secure in our relationship. We have each other and we both are not alone, even when we do things by ourselves.

This day has made me feel like Wonder Woman (is there such a thing as Super Woman? Dan and I were actually talking about this last night lol!). Not only did I get all of the packing and cleaning that I wanted to get done today, and managed to keep Owen happy at the same time, but I also conquered the dreaded “just one” experience.

We may have been the “just one” (plus baby) table, but the two of us had a fabulous time together. šŸ™‚