A while ago I started calling Owen Bubba. I’m not exactly sure where it started or why, but somehow it has stuck. Yesterday during breakfast, I was feeding him oatmeal and I always sing this song to him, it goes “bubba bub bub bubba bubba bub bub” and it goes along to the tune of some 80’s or 90’s song, I think, where the guy sings that (I cannot think of the song title, the singer, or any other words other than that part LOL). Anyway! So I’m singing that part and feeding him, and between bites he says “bubba”!!!!!!

Ok, that was the first thing he’s ever “said” and I know for a fact it wasn’t “bah bah” it was “bubba”. I tried to get him to say it again but he sorta hummed the syllables back to me and then I tried to get him to say “mama” and…well we’re still working on that one haha 😉 I was so happy that I started clapping and said yay over and over again and he looked happy. Confused, but happy LOL. And then he started banging his tray for more food, and that was that.

Lately, we’ve been taking the carseat out less often. We leave it in the car and carry Owen instead of lugging around a clunky carseat. The exception to this is when we’re going to coffee or happy hour, and want to have a place for him to lay down, chill out, and hopefully go to sleep.

On Tuesday, Owen and I went grocery shopping and I finally decided to put him in the cart sans carseat. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile since he sits up well, but I just wasn’t sure if he was too small and/or too wobbly. So I set him in a cart in the parking lot, walked around a few feet to see how he was managing, and he actually did pretty well!

20120920-091135.jpgHe’s buckled in, don’t worry!

He’s a little wobbly when the cart moves, but he started to hold onto the cart and really stabilized himself! He is such a big boy! It’s making me a little sad 😦

The Clapping and Banging Game
Yesterday Owen really started to get the hang of mimicking me. I was impressed with him saying “bubba”, but then during playtime he was standing up at the coffee table and banged on it with one of his hands. I, in return, clapped my hands every time he banged on the table. He looked over, banged it once, so I clapped once. Then he banged it twice, so I clapped twice. He got the hang of our game and started banging to see if I’d copy him with my claps – once, twice, once, once, twice, twice. I haven’t had much luck with being able to interact with him much like that. Occasionally we’ll copy each others verbal noises, but nothing like the clapping and banging game! Now I just can’t wait for him to start clapping back!!