Yesterday I gave Owen broccoli for the first time and he actually really liked it!

Ok, so I didn’t purée it because some of Owen’s food is already pretty chunky and I thought he would be able to handle the small florets. I steamed fresh broccoli in the microwave, cooled it a bit under cold water, tore off little chunks the size of a pea, and put it on his tray. At first he looked a bit skeptical and unsure of what to do with this green stuff, but since he puts just about everything in his mouth I figured he’d know what to do.

Before I go any further, I want to make a note that Owen loves Puffs. When all of the puffs are gone (either consumed or fallen into his lap), he bangs on his tray “asking” for more. There were several puffs still on his tray from when I was steaming the broccoli and he actually kept going for the broccoli instead of the puffs!! Attaboy!


As you can see, things got messy quick! Any tips on how to cut down on the mess would be much appreciated!! Should I wait until he has mastered picking them up with two fingers before giving him broccoli again? (He uses his entire hand to grab them). Or is the mess inevitable?


Once he was clearly done (instead of eating them he started playing with the florets), it was time to strip him of his clothes, throw them and the highchair cover in the wash, clean him and his tray up and set him down for a nap!

He never had a disgusted look on his face, or that look he does like he’s thinking “why are you making me eat this disgusting food, mom??” He ate it up and kept grabbing for more!