Yesterday morning, Owen and I went over to the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center (home of NW Children’s Theater) and took a free demonstration class with Music Together of Portland . I had never heard of them before but came across it in an events newsletter and decided to sign up for the free class. After all, we had 45 minutes to spare, I like to take Owen to new places and have new experiences, plus it’s free!

So what is Music Together? I’m just going to copy and paste what’s on the front page of their website cus I’m feeling lazy right now LOL:


We interacted with other babies, got to crawl around, play with various instruments like toy drums, tambourines, finger cymbals, and shaker eggs. We danced around with our kiddos, played with scarfs, snuggled together to a slow song, and basically just sang and felt the rhythm move us.


First, I don’t sing or dance well AT ALL. Seriously. But when I’m home alone with my little chunk, I will sing and dance my little heart out just to get him to smile or laugh. He seems to like it (or maybe he’s laughing at me instead of with me….).

Second, none of the exercises in this class called for experienced singing or dancing. It was low key – the most important thing was for your baby to hear your voice, feel your body move along to the music or beats, and to overall have fun with mom or dad. If your little one wanted to crawl/walk across the room and check out another baby, they allowed that. If you needed to stand up and rock your baby they allowed that too. Whatever your baby wanted to do (that was safe) they allowed. That’s what I liked about it. They understand that babies learn best by exploring and figuring out things for themselves. Owen would rather bang the toy drum on the ground than bang on it with his hand, but hey, he’s learning lol.

Here’s what I didn’t care much for – the length. It was only 45 minutes, but it was a lot of stimulation. At the end a lot of the babies were getting fussy. One girl even had a bad tantrum and was laying on the floor, bawling her eyes out. Maybe half an hour would have been better. Another thing is the price (if we were actually wanting to take the classes). For 10 classes (1/week) it costs $150. Not extremely expensive, but I felt like I could do these exercises at home (minus the guitar playing parts).

Overall though, I liked this free demonstration class! Owen got to interact with other kids around his age, he heard new songs/sounds, and we got to play together. I also got some good ideas for our at-home playtime. An idea I’m playing with is maybe instead of doing random stuff and trying to entertain him with whatever toy is nearby, maybe I’ll create little songs and do exercises like in this class. We’ll have a routine – a song to start off playtime and one to end it. Maybe I’ll buy some toy instruments and a couple of egg shakers for him to play around with too. So many fun things to explore and do!