Hey all! Did I mention that Owen’s 7 months old now?? Only 5 more months until his first birthday!! I have a few themes in mind but the runners up are a nautical birthday or a “day at the farm” birthday (where everything’s, you guessed it, farm themed). His birthday is in February (in case you didn’t do the math), so I’m not sure if the nautical theme would work.

Anyway, this morning I tried to feed him mushed up bananas:


And after all of the good things I’ve heard about babies loving them, plus knowing how much Dan and I like them, I was very surprised to see Owen’s reaction:


At first he took the spoonfuls pretty well and opened his mouth for more, but then he started to scrunch up his face. Then gag a little. And then he threw up. I’m not talking a little spittle, or even what’s in the above picture. I’m talking about actual throw up – he threw up all of the banana that I had given him (about half of the amount I made for him). I felt so bad for him, so I threw the rest out and let him sip on a bottle to wash out the banana taste. I’m going to try again maybe in a week and see if he’ll take it, but as of now, banana is on the “do not like” list.