Owen tried corn for the first time a couple of nights ago! And…..he liked them!! I puréed sweet corn from a frozen bag (after microwaving it), and he gobbled it all up. I was wondering how he’d like it since it was still a bit chunky, but I guess he didn’t mind because he kept opening his mouth for more! I would say he liked the corn almost as much as sweet potatoes!



The Splits
Needs no explanation LOL


Bye Bye Bassinet!
Ok, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret….we don’t have a crib yet. It’s one of those things that we didn’t see the need in getting while I was pregnant because we have a bassinet that totally works worked, until I walked in the other morning to find Owen like this:

That’s not all, we’ve found him standing up too. In the bassinet. You can only imagine how nervous I am to have him sleep in that. :/ We are buying a crib ASAP!