Yesterday seemed to be the day of many firsts for Owen!

Though Owen has been army crawling all over the place (and is really quick too!), he has officially started crawling on his hands and knees yesterday. Dan was on his way home and I was preparing dinner, when all of a sudden Owen popped his head around the corner to join me in the kitchen. He was full on crawling across the floor!


Yep, he pulled himself all the way up. Dan and I were talking and looked over to check on Owen – he had pulled himself to the standing position with no help whatsoever. It seems to be easier for him to do it with that box, because he hasn’t gotten the hang of it with the coffee table.

We decided it was time to start fruits, and luckily my dad happened to bring over several peaches for us! I’m not exactly sure what Owen thinks of them yet; I’m not sure if he’s sure either. I puréed one peach, but it was too liquidy (I added a little water – mistake). So we added a little oatmeal and he ate it all. This morning I gave him oatmeal and then peaches separately and he ate it all but he surprisingly didn’t gobble them down like I was expecting. I thought that he’d like the sweetness but so far he doesn’t seem too interested. We have pears, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and I want to get some bananas for him to try. Stay tuned 😉



With oatmeal