Trying to entertain Owen with the same toys everyday can get a little boring for him, so I decided to try out an idea I found on Pinterest. I took a water bottle and tried to entertain Owen with putting food coloring in it. Doesn’t sound that interesting, I know lol, but he was actually somewhat entertained!

First I filled the bottle with water and put one drop of blue in it. He liked watching the food coloring make different curves and swirls in the water, but after a few seconds he wasn’t very impressed. So I shook up the bottle and he thought it was interesting that the water turned blue. Then I added one drop of red, let him watch it swirl around, then shook it up to make purple and he looked confused! He was studying the water with a cocked eyebrow.


I did the same thing but with blue and yellow to make green and he was just as impressed!



I was a bit skeptical that he’d find this interesting, but he was actually pretty intrigued by it. It looked like he didn’t understand how the water was able to change colors lol! So simple but pretty entertaining for a baby. 🙂