Yesterday Owen had his 6 Month checkup. He’s 17 lbs and 1 oz (which puts him in the 50th percentile for weight), and 27 and 1/4 inches tall (68th percentile for height)! The doctor kept saying how well he’s doing and was surprised at how advanced he is!! I’m so happy!

Ok enough with the proud mom stuff, now onto how the actual appt went – we switched clinics (his doctor switched and we followed), and Owen seemed to love the new rooms. He loved the boat painting, the bright yellow wall, and most of all, the mirror.

He would not stop looking at himself!

Everything was going dandy until the shots came :/

But he soon calmed down and acted like nothing had happened. In fact, when we got home and I started on dinner, he had crawled/scooted all the way from the living room into the kitchen to “help”. Dan likes to call it an army crawl, where he scoots around on his belly using his arms to pull himself across the floor. He sure is getting fast though! When we used to do tummy time and he started to learn how to roll over, he would always get so frustrated because he wanted to move. Now he doesn’t fuss nearly as much when we set him on the floor because he can actually get around. What’s really scary is that he’ll go up to objects like chairs and things, and grab onto them as if he’s going to pull himself up. He doesn’t do much but grab onto them, but I can see the wheels spinning in his head.

In other news, Owen has his first tooth popping through! It’s just the tip of it, and the second one is on its way, but I’m still excited! Well, excited and sad. This means that I will most likely never see him toothless again, with his cute gummy smile like Tommy Pickles. 😦