Last Sunday, Owen and I met up with Dan and went to the Bite of Oregon over on the Waterfront. We both had never been but have planned on it for the past two years.
Sadly, we were a little disappointed. We thought it was going to be a little fancier than what it was. Not fair food with the occasional restaurant booth. We both don’t drink wine much, and considering practically a fourth of the grounds was sectioned off for the wine booths, we just weren’t that interested in what was being offered.

The good thing about being there on Sunday night was that since it was the last day of the Bite, many booths were handing out free samples. Lots of free samples. 😀 We managed to fill up on veggie burgers and full-sized pie slices!

All in all, the evening was a bit of a letdown. Owen was fussing, I got a $39 parking ticket, and spending time with Dan seems like more of a chore for him nowadays.