Yesterday Owen and I took a trip to the beach with my Dad, brother Ben and sister Jasmine. We ended up going to Seaside, and besides the wind, the weather was actually pretty nice. It could have been warmer, but at least it was sunny!

Since Owen tries to grab and eat everything in sight, I didn’t let him lay in the sand, but he still managed to get a little sand on him. I had read that baby powder takes and keeps sand off really easily, so I brought it and it actually worked!! He was able to roll and scoot around on the blankets without getting much sand on him!


He actually did pretty well, except when he wanted a nap. I was worried about his nap schedule and how much of an ordeal it was going to be. He started fussing so I put him in his stroller and tried to let him fall asleep in there. Did that work? Nope. He cried and cried. So I tried to take a walk, pushing him in the stroller, hoping the sound of the waves would calm him down. Did that work? Nope. He cried some more. Finally I strapped him in the Bjorn and walked along the water with him facing my chest. He fell asleep within a matter of minutes! I got to take a walk and have a sleeping baby at the same time!

The hardest part of the trip was figuring out how to feed him. He surprisingly took cold formula, and I also bought a jar of squash and fed it to him in the car.

Besides diapers and wipes, the items that really made this experience better were:
• Baby powder
• Sunscreen
• Long sleeved shirts and pants
• Cap to protect his head
• Baby Bjorn and stroller
• Jarred baby food, and
• Blankets to lay out on the beach

Overall we all had a great time! 🙂