Last night on our way home, Owen and I stopped by the Tualatin Crawfish Festival. I didn’t buy any food or wine, but it was still fun to see all of the different people, smell the yummy food, and see the cook off! The festival is still going on today, so check it out if you’re in the area and tell me how the food is lol (one of these years I’ll try it)! 😉



The other day Owen tried butternut squash for the first time and he liked it for the most part.



A few days ago Owen and I had a playdate with my friend Emily and her twin girls, Haley and Hazel, at their place. The girls are about a week and a half older than Owen, and are so adorable! To be honest I’m not sure how Emily handles twin 6 month olds. She probably gets that all the time LOL (sorry but I had to say it!). Watching her is like watching Superwoman. The girls started fussing cus they were hungry and Emily had the whole situation under control – before I knew it she had two bottles made up, Boppy pillows in place, girls set in, and continued our conversation with a bottle in each hand. Total preparation time about 30 seconds or less (or so it seemed). I was/am so amazed! It’s really nice for Owen to spend time with babies his own age, I think he likes it a lot. Here are some pictures of the trio – caution: cuteness overload!