Though Dan and I have decided to take things slow with Owen as far as solids go, he has been trying a lot of new foods (only two new ones, but that’s a lot for how we’re going about solids)! On top of that, we have some food rules we are following that are really helping us, and maybe will help you too. 🙂

First, the new foods he has tried:
We gave him acorn squash and he really likes it!


And we also gave him carrots the other day…he didn’t like that as much as the squash or sweet potatoes LOL but he actually ate all of it. He took it better the second time around.



We are following some guidelines for feeding Owen solids, and so far they’ve been working really well for us:
• I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, but we specifically waited to start solids until Owen was at least 5 months. The doctor kept suggesting waiting until he was 5-6 months old, to make sure he was ready. By the time we started, he was (and had) been ready. He’s really good about opening his mouth and swallowing. Feedings aren’t too messy for us!
• I looked online for an order of foods to start with, and it’s recommended to start with iron-fortified cereal, then move onto vegetables, first yellow veggies such as sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, etc (they’re milder as far as taste goes), then move onto green veggies like peas and string beans, and then fruits. There’s a lot of back and forth on this one – some say that starting with fruits will create a sweet tooth for baby and will make it hard for him to enjoy veggies, but others say it doesn’t matter what order. We figure we may as well play it safe and start with veggies.
• We also have been waiting the recommended 3-5 days between giving him a new food. This way we can pinpoint which food is giving him an allergic reaction, if/when it comes to that point.
• We haven’t mixed foods…much. I did it one time because we only had one cube of sweet potato and one cube of squash left (Owen takes two cubes at a time – see below for more info about the “cubes”). You couldn’t even taste the squash though lol. We want Owen to truly know and like/dislike the taste of a food by itself.
• We don’t put sugar or anything in his oatmeal either. Some moms insist on adding juice or sugar because the cereal is so bland, but the baby doesn’t understand that. Dan and I eat our oatmeal with no sugar or honey (just nuts and berries). At first it tastes bland but once your taste buds get accustomed to it, then it tastes totally fine (and yummy!), in fact, sugar/honey tastes too sweet. Owen loves his oatmeal as is, but I know that once we add sugar, juice, or fruit then he won’t want the plain stuff anymore. We figure the less sugar he gets now, the better off he’ll be in the long run. Don’t worry tho, we’re not gonna be crazies and not allow any sweets in the future LOL! We just want what’s best for Owen and hopefully by setting a limit on sweets now it’ll help him know his limit in the future.
• If our day is going as scheduled, then we feed him solids when we eat our meals. He sits at the table with me/us. While I eat my oatmeal, I also feed him his. He has veggies at lunch and dinner too. He sits in his highchair until we’re all done eating, so he can get in the habit of having family meals together.
• We prefer to make his food. Besides it being super simple (microwave, purée, freeze), it also let’s us know what exactly is going in his mouth. That being said, we won’t have any problem with trying the store bought stuff down the road if we need to, we just prefer to make it up at home.

So what are the “cubes”? Well, I make up a batch of food for Owen, fill up an ice cube tray with the puréed veggies, cover with plastic wrap or stick the entire tray in a big ziplock bag (foil sticks to the food), and once the puréed food is frozen then I pop them out and stick them in sandwich-sized ziplock bags labeled with each food, and keep them in the freezer. Whew! Then when lunch or dinner rolls around, it is super easy to heat up two cubes and serve. There are many different ways to keep baby food, but this one just seemed the easiest and is working for us.

So that’s all about Owen’s food!