We just picked up Owen’s 5 month handprint tile!

Usually we would go to Paintpots on Hillsdale, but now that we’re living in West Linn it is easier to go to Paint and Fire right up the road from us. I was a bit hesitant to go to P&F just because the tile is $8 there ($5 at Paintpots), plus I have a punchcard thing at Paintpots for a discount on our 10th item. On the flip side, P&F is pretty close to home, they have a bunch of different shades of paint, and they don’t charge extra to help. They offered to do the writing and even do Owen’s handprint at no extra cost! Even though I ended up doing the writing and did Owen’s last handprint, it was really nice to have the extra hands there.

This month, I decided to go with a blue that was speckled with white paint. The tile turned out really good, even though it’s getting tougher to get Owen’s handprint!!