For my sister, not Owen!

A few days ago, Jazz fell/jumped off a skate bowl (she doesn’t skate) and landed straight on her feet, meaning she can’t walk very well now. So we went to the emergency room yesterday and the doctors took X-rays and didn’t find any fractured bones, which is good! They want her to rest and not put much pressure on her feet for the next couple of weeks. So hopefully Jazz will heel up quickly.

Owen, on the other hand, was all smiles. Seriously. I was even making him laugh a lot! Not the usual sounds the staff hears there I’m sure.

20120801-101208.jpgThey’re not doing anything to me today?? Ok! I don’t mind being here!!

We’ve been very fortunate that Owen is so well-behaved in public! Good thing he’s not one of those babies that fusses all the time! I think he’s becoming friendlier to others, especially my family. Before he didn’t really smile much whenever someone other than Dan or I was holding him, and now look at him with Uncle Ben!


In other news, Owen is getting closer and closer to crawling!! Maybe by next week he’ll be full on crawling! Things are getting really fun here!