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20120828-142615.jpg blurry but I like that one!




What’s that?

His tooth! I’ve been trying to get a pic of it for so long and finally I got one!! 🙂


Too much oatmeal, mom LOL








Trying to entertain Owen with the same toys everyday can get a little boring for him, so I decided to try out an idea I found on Pinterest. I took a water bottle and tried to entertain Owen with putting food coloring in it. Doesn’t sound that interesting, I know lol, but he was actually somewhat entertained!

First I filled the bottle with water and put one drop of blue in it. He liked watching the food coloring make different curves and swirls in the water, but after a few seconds he wasn’t very impressed. So I shook up the bottle and he thought it was interesting that the water turned blue. Then I added one drop of red, let him watch it swirl around, then shook it up to make purple and he looked confused! He was studying the water with a cocked eyebrow.


I did the same thing but with blue and yellow to make green and he was just as impressed!



I was a bit skeptical that he’d find this interesting, but he was actually pretty intrigued by it. It looked like he didn’t understand how the water was able to change colors lol! So simple but pretty entertaining for a baby. 🙂

Last night, Dan and I gave Owen peas for the first time…and he liked them! We were betting that he wouldn’t like them because he really does NOT like green beans (the only other green veggie he has tried), but we were pleasantly surprised when he kept opening his mouth for more! It’s a very good thing that he likes peas, because I made an ENTIRE BAG. Lol!



The Kids Club
Dan and I both have a membership to 24 Hour Fitness, and one of the great things about it is their Kids Club. For $20 a month we get unlimited daycare (up to 2 hours per workout) for kids 6 months and older. The day Owen turned 6 months, I bought the KC membership and we’ve been going, well, not every day since, but enough for the attendants to know Owen and I by name now. We go to the Pearl location because, as Dan likes to put it “it feels like home there”. With the employees knowing us by name and seeing Owen and getting so excited to see him, it really does feel like home. I think Owen really likes it there too. He gets to play with other kids and really seems to like the attendants. We were waiting for the KC to open the other day, and Owen was super excited. He loves to watch all the people working out and looking at all the TVs lol.

Unrelated to Owen, that same day as we were leaving we saw a Bugatti! First time I’ve seen one in person!


Ever since Owen has started solids, he has always grabbed for the spoon and tried to “help”. Lately he seems really adamant to feed himself though! So after I fed him oatmeal the other morning, I washed the bowl and spoon and gave it to him to practice with.

He actually used them pretty well, even though he looked like the Beast in that one scene in Beauty and the Beast where he’s trying to use a spoon for the first time lol

Seriously, that’s what it would have looked like if there were oatmeal actually in the bowl 😉


I don’t know what you call this, but Owen started doing this yesterday. He gets on his hands and knees, then proceeds to get on his feet. He just stays in that position and rocks a little then gets back on his belly and does it over again. It’s crazy how one day he will all of a sudden start doing something (like this). He sure is a busy body and loves to scoot around, he seriously will not sit still, unless Dan’s holding him (he loves Daddy!!)…I’m just wondering what it’s going to be like once he starts walking. 😐







Last night Dan and I dropped off Owen at my mom’s place and went over to Bridgeport to see the Dark Knight Rises (his first, my second time seeing it). As we were walking to the car, I looked at my phone and saw this text from my sis:

Owens yelling at humphrey and trying to touch him lol



A few days ago, we decided to start the next group of veggies Рthe greens! We pur̩ed green beans and tried to feed them to Owen.


He looks so hopeful that it’s going to be yummy lol :/


But he soon realized how much he didn’t like them!!



I’ve tried giving him green beans two other times after that and he still doesn’t like them. He can eat one cube of it, but after that I sort of feel like I’m forcing him to eat it. Hopefully after a few more times of trying it he will realize that he actually likes it LOL.

So the veggies he likes so far are:
Sweet potatoes
Acorn squash
Butternut squash

The ones he doesn’t like:
Green beans

Next I think we’ll try peas 🙂

About a week or so ago, we bought Puffs for Owen to mainly play with and develop more of his motor skills. He can pick them up by grabbing them with his entire hand (as opposed to just his index finger and thumb), but he hasn’t been able to deliberately put one in his mouth. They are great for distracting him though! Even though he drops most of them onto the ground, he loves playing with them.

The entire reason why I bring the Puffs up is because I wanted to show you these cute pictures of him with the Puffs stuck to him haha 🙂















Yesterday Owen had his 6 Month checkup. He’s 17 lbs and 1 oz (which puts him in the 50th percentile for weight), and 27 and 1/4 inches tall (68th percentile for height)! The doctor kept saying how well he’s doing and was surprised at how advanced he is!! I’m so happy!

Ok enough with the proud mom stuff, now onto how the actual appt went – we switched clinics (his doctor switched and we followed), and Owen seemed to love the new rooms. He loved the boat painting, the bright yellow wall, and most of all, the mirror.

He would not stop looking at himself!

Everything was going dandy until the shots came :/

But he soon calmed down and acted like nothing had happened. In fact, when we got home and I started on dinner, he had crawled/scooted all the way from the living room into the kitchen to “help”. Dan likes to call it an army crawl, where he scoots around on his belly using his arms to pull himself across the floor. He sure is getting fast though! When we used to do tummy time and he started to learn how to roll over, he would always get so frustrated because he wanted to move. Now he doesn’t fuss nearly as much when we set him on the floor because he can actually get around. What’s really scary is that he’ll go up to objects like chairs and things, and grab onto them as if he’s going to pull himself up. He doesn’t do much but grab onto them, but I can see the wheels spinning in his head.

In other news, Owen has his first tooth popping through! It’s just the tip of it, and the second one is on its way, but I’m still excited! Well, excited and sad. This means that I will most likely never see him toothless again, with his cute gummy smile like Tommy Pickles. 😦

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