The church we go to, Solid Rock, has a total of seven gatherings every Sunday, split up at three different locations. Every year they hold an event called One where all locations meet up for one gathering at one time. Yesterday the three of us went to One over at Hillsboro Stadium, and to say the least it was very impressive, and so amazing to see how many people attend Solid Rock.

The above picture was not taken by me.
There were activities for kids, a BBQ, the sermon, then a concert by the church band. It was so much fun! We all had a great time.



I had three favorite parts of the evening:
1. Jose Zayas, the lead pastor at the Sunset location, did a quick speech before leading us in prayer about how we’re one community, one church, how there’s one God, and overall how we’re all one – across the city, the state, the nation, the world. Sometimes there are moments at church where you can feel that every single person listening is connecting, understanding and agreeing with what the pastor is saying. That was one of those moments. It’s really amazing.

2. My second favorite moment was when I picked Owen up from the nursery. As the woman handed him to me she kept saying how good he was and how adorable he is! Maybe they say that about all the kids, but it really made me feel good because she seemed so honest. My fear is that they’ll say “he fussed the ENTIRE time!”or “he made all the other babies cry!” or simply “please don’t bring him back.” LOL I always ask if he played with the other kids and they usually say something like “no not this time, but he wanted to!” or “he didn’t play, but the other babies went up to him and wanted to play with him.” This time she said something like “he played a little but wanted to cuddle more.” At least he played, even though it was a little!!

3. My third favorite moment was going back to our seats and listening to the band play. One of my favorite things to do is to sit and chill with Dan and Owen (if Owen’s in a good mood lol). Whether it’s watching a band perform, going to the park and watching the boaters go by while sipping on gin and tonics, or going to Starbucks in the morning and people watch. Being able spend time with my two guys and sit, talk, smooch, laugh, people watch, and not have to be anywhere is one of my favorite things to do.