Last night I treated Dan to a picnic in the park. We had BBQ roast beef, mashed sweet potatoes, baked beans, and s’mores for dessert. It was super yummy! Owen was a bit fussy while I was getting dinner finished up and while Dan and I loaded the things into the car, but once he got outside he calmed down.

He already loves being outside, and I can tell that when he’s a little older he’ll want to be at the park all day everyday lol! When I found out that I was pregnant with a boy, my friend Shannon told me how busy I’ll be with him, running around and playing with him constantly (she has two younger brothers, so she knows from experience). He’s seriously turning into such a busy body lately, and is already full of energy! I’m a little scared for what’s going to happen when he starts walking!!
For instance, whenever I set him down in his bouncer, he never just sits there anymore. This is what he does:

He starts to bounce on it like that and thinks it’s so funny.

Oh, and then this morning he managed to escape from his carseat. Every morning when I take a shower, I set him in his carseat (unbuckled) right at the entrance of the door. That way I can peek through and keep an eye on him, and he can hear me and knows that I’m close by. Lately though, he hasn’t liked sitting in his carseat and tries to escape. This morning I got out of the shower and here’s where he was (sorry the pic is blurry):

He wasn’t crying or anything, in fact, he looked extremely happy that he finally broke free lol! Maybe I’ll start bringing his play-mat by the door and let him scoot around.

Him being so busy lately has made swimming more fun though! We went Monday afternoon and he was actually kicking and waving his arms! I think he was mimicking all the kids who were swimming nearby. So I decided to glide him through the water and made laps across the pool, but only moving him whenever he would kick, and stopping whenever he’d stop. One parent saw us and commented “wow learning how to swim already? ; )” then proceeded to do the same with his 11 month old girl.

Aren’t his new trunks so cute?!

There’s one thing for sure though, I’m glad I’m young and will have enough energy to try to keep up with him when he turns into a toddler!