Bonjour! 😉
In honor of Bastille Day, Owen and I went downtown to La Fête de la Bastille! There were art and craft vendors, a fencing booth, many yummy looking and smelling food booths from restaurants nearby, and a stage with bands playing.

There was a booth for face painting, but I just wasn’t sure if it was best to get paint on Owen’s chubby little cheeks (incase he managed to swallow it), though the thought of a little French flag painted onto one of his cheeks made it so tempting. Instead, we listened to music and watched what other people and kids were doing.


My sister, Charlotte, used to live in Paris and I was so fortunate to actually visit her for a couple of weeks. I will always thank her for letting me sleep on her little studio floor, just a short distance to the Eiffel Tower.

Paris was just as beautiful and romantic as it is depicted in movies.


Dan and I always dream about traveling to far away places, sometimes they often just seem like dreams, but I know we’ll visit Paris together.

We’ll walk across the Seine…

And we’ll go up the Eiffel Tower, by stairs not the elevator…

And we’ll go to the different museums, like the Louvre…

We’ll see all the sites and do all the things couples do in Paris.
Then when we go and tour the rest of France, we’ll make sure to get one of these signs for our rental. 😉

(Haha Dan hates that I have one of those [in English], but I love it! I always thought it was an American thing, and was so surprised to see a French one!)

One of these days we’ll go as a little family and get to experience Paris together, but for now I’ll just have to look back at these pictures and dream.

Bonne Bastille! 😉