First, I want to start this long post off by apologizing for the delay in updating. We have had a hectic past few days.

On July 4th, Dan and I decided we weren’t going to do much for the holiday because our plans with my family fell through earlier that day. Instead of going to see fireworks and battle traffic, we decided to stay home. Around 10pm, when we were all asleep, a woman started banging on our door yelling “open up! Get out!”. I thought she was a drunk crazy person and was gonna hurt Dan when he opened the door lol. When he opened the door she kept saying “get out! There’s a fire! Get out!!”.

Ok. I don’t handle new situations like fires and stuff very well. I do everything you’re not supposed to do – I panic, freak, get super worried and my mind goes blank. The only thing I could think of was to get Owen and get out of the building. Dan on the other hand was more calm and collected. He went back inside to get miscellaneous important things and assured me everything was going to be okay.

It turned out that the other half of our duplex had caught on fire from fireworks. I wasn’t going to write anything about how smart it is to light fireworks right next to a juniper bush (which is very flammable) which happens to be right next to their house, because I get so upset about their negligence, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Like I just mentioned, they were lighting fireworks right next to the shrubbery, it caught on fire, went up in flames and caught the roof on fire. It spread through the attic and went to our side of the duplex as well. Firefighters quickly showed up – there were four firetrucks, a bunch of police and a couple of ambulances.



Luckily everyone was okay and none of our stuff got ruined except for smoke damage. Owen didn’t even cry during the whole ordeal.


We both aren’t sure why Dan is smiling so big in that pic lol?

We were able to get the necessities out with firefighters escorting us, and luckily we had a place to stay that night. The next morning we went back to the duplex to check it out and get more things out. There were a bunch of insurance people, the owner of the properties, our neighbors who started it, and even a news reporter.

That was our dining room area. The firefighters tore out the ceiling and insulation to make sure the fire was out.


We managed to peek inside their place and it looks totally gutted.


There are articles in our local news if you’d like to read more:
The Oregonian no. 1
The Oregonian no. 2
The days following we’ve spent packing and loading/unloading everything into a U-Haul. The owner had some other properties in West Linn and that’s where we’re at now. We’re not sure if this is permanent or temporary. As for our stuff, well the furniture smells really bad. We are trying to figure out how out salvage that. Any tips would be much appreciated!! Our dryer smells like smoke really bad, we will probably have to buy a new one. Owen’s bottles are trash now, but luckily we managed to save all his other things like clothes, diapers, etc. It has been pretty tough for him. His schedule is messed up during the day and he’s not getting as much attention as he should be. He actually got his first diaper rash a couple days ago. 😦 I feel terrible about that, even though it’s all healed now. My family has been a big help, which I am so thankful for.

It’s hard to be thankful and think of the good things during a time like this, especially since none of this was our fault. Dan and I have been fighting constantly. I actually stormed out just now and drove out to my mom’s place where I’m writing this (in the parking area). The worst thing is that we’re fighting over nothing.

It’s so easy to think of all the bad that is happening around us and to us, so I’ll try to think of the good:
• Everyone is ok. Owen is healthy and completely fine.
• Our stuff is fine for the most part. We have access to another dryer and I’m sure there are ways to get the smoke smell out. Or maybe this will just give us a chance to redesign our home…heh. Besides, stuff is stuff. As one of our (former) neighbors would say “stuff can be replaced, people can’t.”
• I’m so thankful for all the help and support I’ve been getting from my family. My sister has been watching Owen so Dan and I can pack/load stuff up, my brother helped unload everything this morning at the new place, and my parents are always there to help out and support me if I need it. The thing that really makes me so appreciative is that they all offered to help.
• I have a bunch of friends that are offering to help out however they can as well. Even though I don’t really have much to ask of them, and I’m the type of person that hates asking for help, it really means a lot that they are there and willing. And just sending prayers and good thoughts goes a long way.
• Even though times can be tough and we can really get on each others nerves, I am so thankful for how Dan has handled this situation. He is the type of person who doesn’t waste any time in fixing a problem. While the neighbors were out taking their time going through their things and chatting, Dan was all business, had a plan and stuck to it. He didn’t freak out and he didn’t lose control. He really is such an amazing person.
• I’m also thankful that we were able to have some fun during the times we couldn’t do much but just wait.
We tried to catch fish:

We watched the sunset together over the river:



I think Dan looks really cute handsome in that pic 🙂
We found two different birds nesting:

Inside the hanging plant is the second nest!


We saw a mama duck with her ducklings:

We went out to dinner with my family:


Owen liked nibbling on the carrot lol
And we’ve been able to get coffee in the morning:


I guess the moral of this post is –
1. Stuff is stuff, and
2. Life throws you tough situations sometimes, but it’s how you handle them that matters. Everything will be ok. All that really matters is that I still have these two guys.


I guess I better get back to them now.