Owen and I took a drive out to Dan’s boathouse to meet up with him last night. As we were waiting for him, a flock of ducks swam by and stopped right in front of where we were sitting. Owen was having a lot of fun looking at them and hearing them make all sorts of noises. Then one flew up onto the deck and walked towards us! They were just staring at each other lol!

A few of the others swam under and popped up right by us too. Owen seemed to like them and kept looking back and forth to see what all of them were up to.


Also, there’s a flea market in Tigard, I think, that’s open on the weekends that Owen and I like to go to every so often. In particular, there’s a guy who sells VHS tapes for either 50ยข each or 3/$1. Dan used to tell me about this flea market and the VHS tapes because his daughter grew quite a collection by going there a lot. So I decided to check it out about a month ago and now I’m hooked lol! Yesterday morning we went and I bought a Disney Sing Along tape for me Owen. It’s SO weird having Owen watch it, because I used to watch them when I was little and would sing along to them. I remember getting on top of the step stool while my parents were getting dinner ready and sing songs like I was singing in front of an audience haha. Every so often I still do that whenever Dan prepares meals. Haha just kiddin’! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know the tv is, like, a million years old and that we’re watching VHS tapes, but don’t hate. We both like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and I just wanted to share with you all a pic of Owen sleeping…he must’ve had a good dream cus he kept smiling!