Yesterday, we took Owen swimming with Sarah, his sister, her daughter, Hallie, and one of his brothers, Matt. We didn’t stay long since both Owen and Hallie were getting tired, but it was still fun going with them!

Friday morning we met up with my friend Emily, who happens to be the mother of two adorable 4 month old twin girls! We walked around Pioneer Place and I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I should’ve known to brought my stroller along. Going to coffee with a mom of twins equals walking (duh!), and of course I just brought Owen along in his carseat so I was lugging him around. The BabyBjorn would’ve been a good option too lol. I think play dates will be more fun once he can start crawling. Anyway, check out her blog about raising them here!

In other news, Owen has learned how to blow raspberries haha. I’m not exactly sure how he found out how to do this, but one day he just started. At first he wasn’t sure what he was doing or how to do it by choice, but now he’s actually blowing them whenever he wants. Yesterday I started blowing them to see if he’d mimic me and he does!! It might become annoying later on, but for now I find it sort of cute. 🙂