*This post isn’t really about Owen, though he is mentioned twice lol 😉

Yesterday, Dan and I celebrated our anniversary! We agreed that we wouldn’t get each other gifts, instead he was in charge of picking out a spot for dinner and I for dessert. I wanted it to be a surprise, to make things more fun. 🙂 So we dropped off the little chunk at Grandma’s place and Dan drove us to the surprise restaurant.

He did a really great job with dinner – he chose Tucci Ristorante over in Lake Oswego.

Everything was perfect and so romantic – the atmosphere, the food was great, our server and the staff were nice, it wasn’t too busy, there wasn’t anything that killed the mood or made the experience unenjoyable. Plus, the weather was so nice and sunny. I was very impressed by his restaurant pick! As far as the food, he chose the paella and I chose the tagliatelle, both were delicious!! Everything on the menu looked so yummy, it was hard to choose. This is definitely a restaurant we’ll be coming back to.

Then it was time for dessert. I have to tell you that it was SO hard to keep this a surprise LOL! I was so excited to plan this out and make it a special evening for us. I decided to pick up a few desserts from Pix Patisserie the day before and store them in the back of the fridge. I chose three individual sized desserts:
The Shazam!:

The Royale:

And the “Ghetto” Cake:

Looks yummy, huh!
Then I packed up a few blankets, some plates, forks, napkins and a knife and drove Dan over to Council Crest. Council Crest is a park in SW Portland and happens to be the highest point in Portland. You can see all three nearby mountains from there – Mt Hood, St Helens and Adams. I was afraid my plan was going to fall through – what if dinner ran late and we arrived after the gate closed? What if the desserts got ruined on the ride over? What if I got lost (which I did heh)? What if it was raining? But everything turned out perfectly! He had never been there, which made it even more special. We had such a great time watching the city down below and walking around to see the different sites.


We really have a lot of fun together just enjoying the simple things in life. Dan makes me so happy and I’m so blessed to have him in my life as my boyfriend, father of Owen, and as my best friend. 🙂