As I mentioned in my last post, I was going to take Owen out swimming today for the first time. Here’s how the whole experience went:
First, I was a little nervous because it was just the two of us and also, I had never been to the Southwest Community Center before. I wasn’t sure if the pool was heated, if the locker rooms were designed with babies in mind, where to put the carseat (do people bring in carseats?)how many people there’d be, and then I didn’t know how Owen was going to react to the whole situation.
I tried calling the front desk representative at SWCC to ask about the pool, but no one picked up. So I decided to go in and take a mini tour of the pool and locker rooms. The guy was very helpful! He said that people put their carseats or strollers on the deck near the back, the pool is slightly heated, and then he showed me the family locker rooms. They basically are an individual bathroom with a shower, changing station and bench to set your things on.
I had worn my suit under my clothes, so that’d it be easier to get Owen changed and quickly rinsed off before heading out. We put our things in a locker (minus the carseat) and went to the pool.

(Oh, by the way, for the swim diaper I used Huggies Little Swimmers. They were $8.49 for a pack of 12, but I think I’m going to buy a reusable one from Babies R Us’swebsite. A 4 year old girl asked me why he wasn’t wearing a swimsuit…it didn’t really register that he needed one lol! Guess I better find one!)
I wasn’t sure how deep to walk out, so I just went to the 3′ section (not too shallow, not too deep). Owen looked a little confused. He was taking it all in. I held him to my chest for a couple of minutes and talked to him, saying it was okay and pointing out everything to him (his doctor suggested doing that). Once he realized he was safe, he started kicking. Lol he loves to kick in the water! I was pretending he was swimming by moving him back and forth in the water on his belly and he loved that! Whenever he stopped kicking I’d stop moving him, once he started kicking again I’d start moving him. I’m not sure if he put two and two together, but he sure was kicking A LOT!
Then I dunked him. Like 5 or 6 times (throughout our session). I counted to three, blew in his face and quickly dunked him. He didn’t cry, he didn’t even do his sad puppy-dog look where his lip turns upside down and he’s about to cry. He gave me a look like “what the heck, mom, why’d ya do that?!?” but hopefully he’ll get more used to it in the future. 😉
A little after the half hour mark, I could tell he was getting tired of being in the pool (yawning, not kicking as much, eating his hand), so we got our stuff, showered up, got dressed and left.
Since I had read that swimming makes little ones really tired, I had timed it so we left home after one of his naps and feedings, and returned when his next nap started. It worked out perfectly!

*Sorry there are no pics of us in the water, the next time we go with someone else I’ll make sure they take pics!