Owen had his 4 month well checkup today. What happens at the 4 month checkup? SHOTS. Many parents dread them due to the possible fever and increased fussiness. After his 2 month shots he cried a little, then acted like it was no biggie and fell asleep for awhile. Still though, I was a little hesitant to see what the outcome was going be…maybe the 2 month shots were just a fluke??

So we go through the entire appointment – everything’s looking really good – he’s developing really well and is overall looking really healthy. Which is in and of itself a huge blessing.

Then it came time for the shots.

He started falling asleep at the beginning of the appointment (it was nap time, after all), so I was afraid that he was going to be über fussy having been woken up and then given shots. (I was also prepared to feel like the worst mom in the world – but shots are good for him, so maybe not the worst). I held his hands, hummed a song he really likes, he started smiling and then the nurses poked the needles in both legs at the same time. Let me just say, I’ve never seen him get that shade of red before! He started crying, so I picked him up and the nurses and I started saying “good job Owen! Yay!!” and he looked extremely confused. He wanted to cry but he also wanted to smile haha! I nursed him for a bit and he was totally fine since. Hasn’t started crying or anything since. In fact, I took a picture of him on the table right before I dressed him – you can see the bandages on each leg.

I can’t believe he’s smiling?!?!
Then when we got home he didn’t want to nap, he wanted to play! You wouldn’t even had known he had shots done an hour earlier!

He’s such a strong little guy! He handled the shots so well, and on top of that he’s developing really well and is healthy! Yay!

Ok, proud mom post over LOL 😉