One thing Owen likes to do is take pictures of himself with my phone. Well, I take them but he always tries to reach over and press the screen, and occasionally he actually manages to hit the button and take pics himself! (I’d like to think he’s pressing the button on purpose, but in reality I think he’s just trying to grab my phone and eat it lol). I make it so the screen is facing us, so we can see ourselves. When we ride the bus, it’s a great way to distract him and get him smiling. It’s also a great way to avoid any conversations with the crazies! Since we’ve been riding the bus less often lately, I completely forgot to do this…until recently. He loves it as much as he had before! It really is a great way to entertain a baby, and to get some great pictures. 🙂 Here are some keepers we took together this past week or so:










Extreme close-up! Whoa!!

A few tips that make it even more enjoyable for us:
• Tickling Owen or baby talking gets him to smile
• Letting him play with the phone or try to take pics makes it more interesting for him. When I take the phone away, Owen usually doesn’t seem as interested or is less likely to smile
• When he tries to “help”, even if he slobbers all over my phone, I encourage him and tell him what a good picture he took and thank him for helping
• Take lots of pics! Many of the pics don’t turn out very well for various reasons, but there are always a few gems
• Don’t delete any pics you think are bad – later when I look thru pictures we took together and spot the ones I thought were bad, they usually are actually really cute or funny.
• With any sort of play time, if he gets fussy we stop and do something else