Every morning after I get out of the shower Owen always has a poop diaper, I change it, then set him on the bed while I finish getting dressed. Something told me this was going to be an exciting day when I looked over and saw him roll from his back, to his belly and back to his back again! That was the first time he’s rolled from belly to back! Not only that, but he did it with ease! He made a lot of grunts, but he didn’t stop, didn’t fuss, and would’ve kept going if I hadn’t picked him up and said “good job!!” 🙂

SO, I set him on the floor for alone playtime while I did the dishes…this is how I set him down (but on his back, he won’t stop rolling over!!):

And this is where I found him when I finished the dishes (ps dishes only take a few minutes):

How’d he get over there?!? Lol!
I set him on the mat again when we got back from our walk, in the same place, right on top of the hot air balloon, and this is where he was when I turned around after folding up the stroller:

What amazes me is that he’s not even four months old yet! He gets this look of determination and makes little grunting noises when he rolls over, like he wants to crawl SO bad! He’s figuring it out and I know my sister would laugh at me for saying this, but I’m so proud of him lol!