Yesterday we went and saw Men in Black 3 with Grandma (my mom) and Aunt Jasmine. This was Owen’s second movie in theaters (the first being The Avengers). He does pretty well during them – sleeps a little, eats a little, talks a little, and watches the movie (tends to fuss before he takes a nap). We don’t watch much tv at home (we don’t even have cable), so going to a movie theater must be quite an experience for him.
This is us yesterday:

And this was us at The Avengers:

Look how much chubbier his cheeks are lol!

Today we took a walk over to Gabriel Park, which isn’t too far away from where we live. Owen fell asleep just as we were entering the park and missed the rest of the walk, the dogs playing, and the cat who stood in the middle of the road, staring at us, on our way home. Of course he woke up right as we got home and wanted to play 😐 It will be nice to take him to the playground once he’s a little older though! The Southwest Community Center is right on the edge of Gabriel Park (on the other side), so one of these days we’ll have to go swimming there! He loves water and being in the tub, hopefully he’ll love being in a pool just as much or more.

The entrance to Gabriel Park from Caldew Street.

On our way home 🙂
I love Oregon and all the trees we have!