Happy 1st of the month everyone! This year is really flying by! In January I was so nervous about labor and what the process was going to be like, then by February 1st I was just ready to pop him out and finally meet him! Now it’s June 1st already?!? As my friend/former boss Jackie would say dang dang!! LOL 🙂
By the way, last year on June 1st was the day Dan and I found out I was pregnant. I took the test in the morning and Dan came home from work immediately. I was crying and he had a big smile on his face when he walked in. Now I think he’s the one who’s crying and I’m the one who’s smiling haha 😉

Yesterday, Owen and I took a trip to Paint Pots over in Hillsdale. Dan and I are doing a project with him where we are getting his handprint on a tile every month for the first year of his life, then we’ll make a mosaic using all the tiles.
We got this month’s tile really late because it has been a pretty busy month – he’s practically four months old already(!) – plus we kept forgetting to go lol. This was the first time I tackled this task by myself, and it went…hmm…well look at the tile and compare it to the first two lol.



It’s not glazed yet, but as you can see I don’t do it as well as Dan. To be fair though, he kept clenching his fist so it wasn’t totally my fault! 😉