A few updates:

1. Yesterday we went to church for the first time in a couple of months (or so). This was actually the fourth time Owen has been (I think). We definitely would like to go more often, but the second and third times were a little rough. We took Owen the day after we got out of the hospital and he pretty much slept the entire time; obviously that was ok. The second time he was fussy; we stayed in the lobby area the entire time. The third time went ok, but I fed him the entire time. And it was the 10 or noon service (we like the 6pm one). SO! Last night we went and were a bit hesitant to see what the outcome was going to be. Bad or good? And…..drumroll…..he did really well! He “talked” a little and Dan had to feed him a bottle, but that’s normal baby stuff. Everyone was saying how cute he was too! Hopefully we can get back on schedule and go every week again (if our schedule permits).

On a side note, I find it interesting how much he seems to like the music before and after the sermon. He always has. Even when I was pregnant he’d kick inside and move around a lot whenever the band played.

2. Yesterday we also went over to the new Guitar Center over by Portland Meadows. Here’s a pic of our adventures:

This ukulele seems like an appropriately sized instrument for him 😉

3. Every time I turn around, Owen is doing something new or figuring out how to work a new part of his body. It’s pretty amazing! We set him in his high chair and he’ll play with the toys on his tray. Last night when Dan gave him a bath, he was kicking in the water, splashing it everywhere. And today I set him on the couch to “stand” and he acts like he’s an old pro at it! (As long as he’s sort of leaning up against something haha). His balance is noticeably getting better everyday and every time we lay him in his carseat or in our arms at an angle, he always tries to sit up! It’s so fun to watch him go through each stage and to see him progress.

I know, he’s wearing his shoes on the couch, but considering he can’t walk yet I’m going to let it slide this time 😉