One of the things I like about Dan is the fact that he puts up with my stupid website addictions. Usually they’re just a phase I go through – until I find a new site to log onto almost daily. They range from sites like Did You Know to things like PDX Mugshots (lol, I don’t know why I was so intrigued by that site…). But lately I’ve been addicted to memes, aka funny pics. Like, really addicted to them. They’re often times a picture with a stupid little joke on them. Simply put – they make me laugh (or at least crack a smile). Here’s a few examples that are baby related:



This all has a purpose, trust me…

It has come to the point where I started sending Dan memes ALL the time, then I started sending them to my sister Jasmine, and even a few went to my mom, and other brothers and sister. One (of the many) that went to Jazz was this one:


Isn’t that cute?
Jasmine in return made this:

Haha! My sister really knows how to make me smile! 🙂