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Here are some pics of Owen when he was just days old:









Well, Owen’s in bed asleep and I’m about to be snoozin’ soon too. Today was exhausting! I cleaned pretty much the entire day, and I also re-homed my dog Maisy. She was such a sweet girl and I already miss her like crazy, but I know she’ll get the attention and affection she deserves with her new mommy. It really was the best thing I could do for her. Here’s the backstory about her – I’ve had her for a few years now (since August 31st, 2008) and rescued her from this family that was basically using her to make puppies (to sell). She was in pretty bad shape when I first got her. Fleas, an umbilical hernia, ear infections in both ears, had to have 7 teeth removed and needed to get spayed, oh and also needed all her shots. When she was ready to go home after getting spayed and having some teeth extracted, they handed her to me like a newborn. In fact, it was almost exactly the same way. Maisy was out of it, but she looked happy to see me. I think it was that moment when she really trusted me. From that moment on she just seemed different, more relaxed. She needed someone to take care of her and luckily I was able to at that time. Now she needs someone to take better care of her and now her new mama will be able to. I remember the day I went with my dad to go meet her. She whimpered a little as we drove away from her previous owner. I wonder if she did that today as this new girl left with her… :*(




But, this blog is about Owen. Yesterday he started rolling over!! He did it all afternoon! We took a video but I can’t figure out how to post it on here for free (lol I’m cheap), so here’s a pic of him rolling over. I know, not as amazing, but still just as cute 😉










A few updates:

1. Yesterday we went to church for the first time in a couple of months (or so). This was actually the fourth time Owen has been (I think). We definitely would like to go more often, but the second and third times were a little rough. We took Owen the day after we got out of the hospital and he pretty much slept the entire time; obviously that was ok. The second time he was fussy; we stayed in the lobby area the entire time. The third time went ok, but I fed him the entire time. And it was the 10 or noon service (we like the 6pm one). SO! Last night we went and were a bit hesitant to see what the outcome was going to be. Bad or good? And…..drumroll…..he did really well! He “talked” a little and Dan had to feed him a bottle, but that’s normal baby stuff. Everyone was saying how cute he was too! Hopefully we can get back on schedule and go every week again (if our schedule permits).

On a side note, I find it interesting how much he seems to like the music before and after the sermon. He always has. Even when I was pregnant he’d kick inside and move around a lot whenever the band played.

2. Yesterday we also went over to the new Guitar Center over by Portland Meadows. Here’s a pic of our adventures:

This ukulele seems like an appropriately sized instrument for him 😉

3. Every time I turn around, Owen is doing something new or figuring out how to work a new part of his body. It’s pretty amazing! We set him in his high chair and he’ll play with the toys on his tray. Last night when Dan gave him a bath, he was kicking in the water, splashing it everywhere. And today I set him on the couch to “stand” and he acts like he’s an old pro at it! (As long as he’s sort of leaning up against something haha). His balance is noticeably getting better everyday and every time we lay him in his carseat or in our arms at an angle, he always tries to sit up! It’s so fun to watch him go through each stage and to see him progress.

I know, he’s wearing his shoes on the couch, but considering he can’t walk yet I’m going to let it slide this time 😉

One of the things I like about Dan is the fact that he puts up with my stupid website addictions. Usually they’re just a phase I go through – until I find a new site to log onto almost daily. They range from sites like Did You Know to things like PDX Mugshots (lol, I don’t know why I was so intrigued by that site…). But lately I’ve been addicted to memes, aka funny pics. Like, really addicted to them. They’re often times a picture with a stupid little joke on them. Simply put – they make me laugh (or at least crack a smile). Here’s a few examples that are baby related:



This all has a purpose, trust me…

It has come to the point where I started sending Dan memes ALL the time, then I started sending them to my sister Jasmine, and even a few went to my mom, and other brothers and sister. One (of the many) that went to Jazz was this one:


Isn’t that cute?
Jasmine in return made this:

Haha! My sister really knows how to make me smile! 🙂

Me: Owen?
Owen: Yes, Mom?

Me: Smile for the camera!

Me: Now make a funny face!

Owen: Lol, I’m so funny


We have very exciting news! Last night, for the first time ever, Owen slept in his own bed in his own room! Our little boy is growing up :*( AND he only woke up ONCE to eat! I woke up around 5 and was surprised to find him still sleeping soundly. Not only that, but I was surprised by how much uninterrupted sleep I got!
Though this is ultimately a very good thing, I can’t help but feel a bit sad. I know he eventually has to grow up, but I’m not ready for that yet. Just like when we started supplementing with formula, a part of me felt like he didn’t need me as much. For the first two and half months he was exclusively breastfed, then one day we decided to add formula since his weight was low. A part of me felt like I wasn’t enough – I wasn’t making enough food for him. Though I know he’ll always need me (I’m his mom), I guess I’ll have to get used to this feeling anyway. One day he’ll go off to school and then he’ll turn 11 or 12 and he won’t want to be seen with me and he’ll get a girlfriend and I’ll barely see him and then he’ll go off to college and I REALLY won’t see him anymore and then he’ll move into his own place, have his own job, get married and have his own family to look after. Oh boy, I don’t know if I’m ready for him to grow up just yet :/

Ok, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted – things have been pretty busy lately. Here are some pics of the lil chunk to make up for the lack of posts 🙂





My friend Emily is the person who inspired me to create a blog about raising the lil guy. She just had twin girls who are about a week older than Owen (and who are also SO cute!) and created a blog about raising them called HSquared .
*While you’re there, it’d be great if you voted for her here cus she’s pretty awesome and so is her blog 🙂

On one particular post she showed a few pictures of new clothes she had gotten for the girls…so I thought I’d do the same since I just went shopping for new clothes for the lil chunk today!
Down the street from our place is a children’s resale boutique called Hoot-N-Annie. Owen and I took a look through and found some really great deals!

Here are a few of our finds:





Well, I guess I’ll start this out by telling you a little about (the very adorable) baby Owen and our little family.

This is us:
Me (Mommy), Owen, and Dan (aka Daddy)


Owen likes to…




Take pictures of himself,




Play with his toys,


Get a bath from Daddy,


And, sleep.


That’s just a little about us, more will come!

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